Expired Promo Casumo - Free spin competition

There are promos that are no more.
Thank you very much for this contest big thanks to Casumo and the nice Rep here at casinomeister.

BUT Quickspin can go to where the sun don't shine. Slot is absolutely shocking bad!!

I won €9 from these 50 x €1 spins and finally towards the end I though here comes a nice big one as I hit feature.

The feature paid €4.05 which took me up to the €9 I won lmao.

Oh well might as well burn it on same slot now surely the sticky thieving Bastardos(bandits) got some RTP left for me :machinegunner::sniper:
Thank you, for this. I won 65 cents on 10 superspins. Like #wow#head in hands:cheerleader:

So I deposited some loonies and #like wow..

Thank you Louis, Casumo, CM and all forum members. Cheers!!!!


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Did not get them yet, they will be send out coming monday:)

Am happy to have won the merchandise* Sorry for the confusion.
Just writing the names and addresses down and these packages will be on their way to the winners :)


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Just got my email thanks @CasumoLouis

Postage must’ve expensive for next day international delivery!

You could have opted for a slower/cheaper one....


Also, thanks for my free spins. I won £7.70 from mine (promptly lost on 10p red tiger lol).

Looking at everyone’s prize spins bounty, I would be tempted to complain to Quickspin if I were you. I think they sold you a broken free spins package (quickspin free spins never give higher than 50%rtp in my experience lol)
Thank you very much I also received early this morning. Top service from Louis/Casumo and TNT :p

I must admit, I am a bit surprised how good and nice the quality is.

I guess better say thank you to Quickspin as well :p it looks awesome and I really like it all.
I’ve finally tracked my parcel down at the wrong address, thanks for the stuff Casumo/Quickspin.

Top quality, lovely clothing.

Sadly for me, the XL men’s size won’t fit my delicate girlie frame but they are the perfect size for the husband.... now to think of a good reason for giving him a prize from a gambling forum promoting slots...... hmmmmm.....

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