Question Cassava Email


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May 23, 2015
Has anyone else received an email claiming to be from the security department of Cassava seeking banking information?
I got an email today, said because of an issue with exclusion at one of their sites there may be some financial recompense due, so I need to send them banking details.
I cant ever remember playing at any of their sites apart from 888, and that was years ago and i dont think I ever excluded from it, so I am wondering is this just a new email scam on the go - I didnt send any information and i wont send any in response to an unsolicited email.


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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
This very much sounds like a scam to get hold of your banking details. There is another thread about a "Cassava scam" phishing email doing the rounds, so there is clearly an active scam going on related to Cassava's past shady doings that are now under investigation by the UKGC.

Best to contact Cassava direct, not using ANY of the information in that suspect email, and ask them whether they are offering to recompense players via email as a result of some UKGC action. It is possible that this investigation will result in Cassava being told to return money to players, but responding to unsolicited emails asking for bank details is very dangerous as these are almost always scams.