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Jun 30, 1998

For immediate release 17 May 2004


Third list of Seal awards contains leading Cassava online casinos.

Operations from one of the biggest and most marketed casino groups on the
Internet, Cassava feature in the latest announcement of Seal awards by
eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance).

In the third Seal awards announcement this year from eCOGRA, the following
Cassava casinos join 41 other successful Seal operations:

Casino On Net (
Reef Club Casino (

"We're delighted to welcome these new Seal bearers that have passed the
rigorous third party inspection process carried out by
PricewaterhouseCoopers. Cassava presented a significant challenge for the
audit process due to its size and the Compliance Committee was particularly
pleased with the way in which the assessment was conducted, and the response
of the organisation to putting in place the necessary controls and
procedures required by eCOGRA's eGAP," says Andrew Beveridge, CEO of eCOGRA.
"The initiative is gathering momentum at a gratifying rate and we are
currently in discussions with a number of providers and the casinos using
their software. Other casinos are currently undergoing the inspection
process and I am confident that we will soon be seeing a diversity of
operations powered by different software providers on our Seal list."

Beveridge emphasised that any software provider committed to the ideals of
the organisation and meeting its probity and other requirements was more
than welcome to apply for membership. The goal of the initiative is to
guide players to safe, fair and efficient casinos operating to carefully
developed and fully enforced regulatory standards.

eCOGRA is an independent, strongly funded, non-profit organisation that has
evolved a set of practical operating regulations to ensure fair gaming,
player protection and efficiency. Called the eGAP or Generally Accepted
Practices, the regulations embrace some 15 areas of casino operations.
Before being awarded the eCOGRA Seal members must undergo stringent
inspections by third party professional bodies, and operations are
subsequently monitored to ensure ongoing compliance. eCOGRA has an online
complaints facility for any player with a legitimate grievance against any
member casino.

Issued by: Andrew Beveridge, CEO
Date: 17 May 2004
Telephone: +44 20 7887 1480

For immediate release 18 May 2004

eCOGRA CEO calls for software providers to join in giving greater player assurance

Senior eCOGRA personalities met with software providers yesterday in an open session
in Toronto, Canada designed to explain the regulatory requirements of the player
protection body.

Most online gambling executives are currently in the city attending the Global
Interactive Gaming Summit and Expo which ends Wednesday.

The chairman of eCOGRA, Michael Hirst OBE, independent director and respected online
gambling consultant Frank Catania, CEO Andrew Beveridge and Fair Gaming Advocate Tex
Rees met delegates and gave a presentation covering the progress made by eCOGRA,
highlighting the announcement that day that major casino operator Casino On Net had
been awarded the Seal.

C.O.N. CEO John Anderson was in the audience.

He emphasized that "eCOGRA is open to all software suppliers and their operators
that that share the vision of self-regulation enforced by independent inspection and
monitoring. It is an industry initiative which needs to be supported, if the
industry is to reach the universal credibility it so rightly seeks".

He revealed that although eCOGRA did not at present have any plans for the
sportsbook sector, it was actively working on appropriate regulations for the
booming poker sector. Covering the structure of the organisation, Beveridge
emphasised the independent nature of the Seal award process and the benefits it made
possible for players and casinos alike.

Beveridge said that the services of eCOGRA's Fair Gaming Advocate had been
successfully called upon by a number of players who had voiced their satisfaction
with the fast and efficient resolutions that had been achieved.

The advantages of undergoing a detailed inspection by highly experienced
professionals was stressed, together with future plans by eCOGRA to launch
substantial awareness and advertising initiatives on the benefits of regulated
gambling, and participation in other projects that take advantage of bringing
together significant and reputable companies were outlined by Beveridge.

eCOGRA is confident that external organisations such as regulators and financial
institutions will increasingly recognise Seal holders for their responsible efforts
and compliance with international quality requirements. The continuing education of
this aspect remains a priority.

Later in the week eCOGRA will be taking part in open discussion panels at GIGSE.

Issued by: Andrew Beveridge, CEO

Date: 18 May 2004


Telephone: +44 20 7887 1480


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