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Aug 3, 2004
new jersey
I think I asked a while ago, but nobody had played on this casino and cashed out back then.

well 2 days ago I cashed out a a few thousand profit on bj. anyone have any experience on how fast they pay or has anyone had any problems with them?

they say they process only once a week on their website and they dont have a phone number either.
They have just resolved a licensing dispute with the patent holder for "live over the Internet" gambling, i2corps - HGN, and they have also just launched a Flash powered version which promises some improvements. Check out Casinomeister News later today for the details.
thanks for info. interesting.

i really wanted to get an idea of how fast their cashout is and how reliable. I guess not many ppl from here have played this casino. the play is pretty fun and a lot less choppy than it was 1 year ago when I played with my cousin

so i have 5.5k in cashouts of which 4.5k is profit. 2.5k has already come out of pending yestarday and according to their webpage, i can expect that 2.5k on saturday or sunday. i suppose ill keep playing with the rest.

cipher if you want screenshots of my play to compare with your system i have them. but this is live casino play and doesnt really merit and testing :D

anyway.. ill keep the board posted on what happens!
cashed out tuesday. so far nothing. according to their terms i they process once a week, generally sat or sunday. so i should have got it yestarday or saturday. im emailing them today asking when i can expect it.

will update, but so far it looks like they have slow cashouts.

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