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Aug 3, 2004
new jersey
want to give some more praise to Casino webcam for todays 2k profit(from 500 deposit). now only if they can speed up their cashout process from about 6-7 days to about 2-3 that would be wonderful. but no complaints here as Im happy playing there. id rather play live casino than software (except for fortune lounge and a few others). this way i know im losing or winning because of luck and not "take down modes" or "switches".

Anyone know anything about shark casino? I deposited $100, havent played yet but im just curious about them. Obviously im not a fan of RTG and hardly play it, but thats the reason I only put in $100. With rtg, id cashout with $150 and be happy lol

but seriously, if you had any experiences with shark, post them. I noticed their outrageous fee's for withdrawls which raised some red flags (100 dollars per wire transfer, 55 dollars for courier, 15 dollars for regular check rofl).


Playing at LIVE CASINOs live CasinoWebCam sure is a lot more fun than "other ordinary" online casinos, huh! :thumbsup:

Have you tried, too? I am quite definite you'll gonna love it too, just like CasinoWebCam, it got LIVE games on BlackJack, Baccarat, Roulette, and SicBo - sexy Asian and Tica dealers too! :eek2:

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I was getting so stressed because of Ping initial spam (now he's much more relaxed) that I checked this DrHo888 website (so he's strategy was working :D ). To be honest the atmosphere is a little bit creepy and it looks like they're very anxious to get you trapped (you log in and immediately get the greetings of the Pitboss and all the dealers - nice chicks by the way). DrHo is quite a powerful person and he controls the gentlemen club casino here in Cork, as well.
I do not dislike playing live casinos, but DrHo 888 was not for me.

Thank you for dropping by. Btw, did you pass by my site at Casino Rebate Online? :) Or you went directly to drho888? :what:

And you are right, Dr. Stanley Ho is one "big" guy, especially here in Asia. So one should feel confident his online casino is not just another online casino.

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