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Jan 2, 2003
There have been a number of posts questioning the scarcity of winners in the $1000,000 daily drawing.

Play Share is the parent company of CS and Poker Play.

The PlayShare data base is the one used in the promotion. The promotion began Oct.11,2006.

I think all of the above is correct.


1. Has any player signed up since 10/11 seen any numbers drawn within their acct.# range, or even within 10,000 numbers?

2. Does the database include Poker Play account #'s, and if so, is PP also in the promotion?

3. If not, only CS acct.#'s should be drawn, and obsolete/outdated ones be excluded.

This is not a question of winning, but, simply, are we even getting a chance to play?

Our members are entitled to some factual explanation.:cheers:

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