Casinos with $10-15 minimum credit card deposit?


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Mar 21, 2005

Well, I have a prepaid card that has $15 left but i can't seem to find any casinos that have a minimum of $15 to deposit for a credit card.

If anyone knows any casino that accepts the minimum, then it would be much appreciated!
Yep, just in case I've checked it now - minimum for a credit card deposit is $5, but I dont' know about prepaid credit card - what is the difference.:what:
What about Casino US, part of the VPL group? They used to take $10 minimum deposits, only Micro that did. Not sure if that will work for prepaid card as well. has a 5$ credit card deposit minimum and they are microgaming which is really cool also Casino U.S. allows 10$ minimum deposit's and Lassester's amd Aus Vegas both allow minimum 5$ Credit Card deposits as well hope that helps you out some!!!
A prpepaid card is just like a debit card in most cases I use a prepaid card as well! I have a prepaid Visa but there is also Mastercards that you can get but I highly recommend not going with mastercard as lots of spots dont accept mastercards but do accept Visa so.....

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