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Casinos right/wrong archive--September 1999

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by lasvegashitmob, Sep 4, 1999.

    Sep 4, 1999
  1. lasvegashitmob

    lasvegashitmob Dormant account

    african fairplay casino
    I thought I would give them a try bought in played
    isn't microgamming blackjack excellent you get real odds no stupid hands popping up all the time
    if you are a blackjack player let us know your views Im sure you will agree with me
    anyhow cashed in my winnings (will let you know how long it takes)
    the reason im waffling on is that i discovered i was entitled to a25% bonus i emailed them and in 7 minutes i had a reply and my account was creditted yes thats right 7 minutes anyone beat that?????

    English harbour is proving to be a pain in the arse, their customer service lady is excellent (she sounds a right foxy babe Jeablu you have some competition) but their credit card processor either doesnt like me or is crap im not sure which
    come on english harbour you are beginning to annoy me
  2. Sep 5, 1999
  3. LVHM spotted at yourluckypage.com message board section
  4. Sep 5, 1999
  5. Uk ok

    Uk ok Guest

    hi, the above username is harsh don't you think. hitmob can go anywhere he wants to.

    Hitmob, i wrote "uk sucks up to us" and it was meant as having a laugh. I accept anyone for who they are. also, i feel that everyone has a right to be what they want, as long as it makes them happy. as for your history lesson, if you don't mind i'll like to add to it. B4 WWII, america didn't approve of the british empire. but when war started, americans felt the empire was a good thing after all because the then enemies were trying to encroach on africa and asia and empire acted as a buffer. after the war, uk was completely drained of resources and added to that is rise of nationalism and gradually had to give up empire. uk felt it owed success of war to us and has till today been us most fervent supporter. so if us has a bad foreign policy (eg libya), uk will still support it and that doesn't seem right. anyway, wrong topic, wrong place.
  6. Sep 6, 1999
  7. lasvegashitmob

    lasvegashitmob Dormant account

    Hitman: I play mostly black jack; about 75% on micro casinos. The BJ does not seem to play the same at each casino. There are a few micro casinos that I have never been able to win in and some I do OK in. The funny thing is I noticed that my best luck usually comes in my first couple of sessions(at least at the casinos I have won in). In any case overall they do NOT play like a real game. I get the feeling large increases in bets lose too often. On the other hand playing for less than $10 per hand plays fair. My normal BJ play is a 1 to 15 or 20 betting spread; but not in online casinos... it seems anything over 1 to 2 or 3 loses.
  8. Sep 6, 1999
  9. jgerousis

    jgerousis Dormant account

    Hi Guys... After a long sleep I'm back again... And I have a story to tell you...

    Casino owners are really crooks!... Yesterday I went to casino Oasis in Jericho/Israel.. But guess what.. When my membership card was read at the door, the PitBoss came and simply told me :
    "SIR, I cannot let you in"! , and I tried to argue him but he referred to me to a small writing on the membership card saying: " The Pitboss has the right to prohibit any one from entering the casino."!

    For the last week, I was coming every night to the casino, buy $1000 chips from the cashier ( I cannot buy on the table becuase I have to change the money from ISRAELI SHEQUESL to DOLLARS, becuase they use dollars there) and then go to the roulette win $1000, and go back home...

    I have took from them more than $7000 a week!

  10. Sep 6, 1999
  11. Sharon

    Sharon Guest

    Welcome back Yanni!!! Hope you are feeling much better.
  12. Sep 6, 1999
  13. Welcome back Yanni!
    If you took $7000 from me in a week I'd also show you the door! Hahaha! Well done!!!

    Mike C:
    I play Blackjack a lot and I've had some good success at Microgaming Casinos. The key (and this applies to any game) is knowing when to quit. I also hop around a lot from one casino to the next because if I feel like one isn't going to behave then I quickly move on.
    I've had some great success at both the Liberty Casino, the Torpedo Casino and the River Belle. Where have you had success? I'd be interested to know!
  14. Sep 6, 1999
  15. Steven

    Steven Guest

    Hello Yani

    It is good to hear from you again. Get more rest
    coz u are not going into any casinos for the time
  16. Sep 6, 1999
  17. Lee

    Lee Guest


    they is throws you out and you is to be winning alls the money from them they sad and cry boohoo yanni he winnings much so we not is let him in
    yanni you is stranger in the nights we not reconises you the guarding dog he attaking you hahaha you been ills i hope you is catching cabs to casino and is not drives you is crash before
    but many many happy better now we is mist you so muchness
  18. Sep 7, 1999
  19. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    umm yeah what he said..we missed ya buddy!! welcome back
  20. Sep 7, 1999
  21. lasvegashitmob

    lasvegashitmob Dormant account

    Frank: Yes, small winnings and hit and run are the way to play BJ at online casinos. In a real casino I like to find a table where things go my way and I can win thousands. It seems as soon as I raise my bet in an online casino I start to lose. Happens all the time. I've had good luck at Mapau, but it seems they don't want me to play there anymore. They always deny my credit cards. I've asked why and was given some answer about my credit cards are using a 9 digit zip code and their e-cash system will only accept a 5 digit zip. So I don't even try to play there anymore. I just registered at Miami Beach(same e-cash co. as Mapau) and filled in 9 digit zip, still no approval.
    The other casino where I've done well in BJ is c3i, did real well at first (won over $1500),then a losing streak , then winning.
    The Gambling Club I have been unable to win in at all, despite numerous tries.
    Two things that seems consistant is the dealer always gets more BJ's than me, and raising my bet too much will set off a losing streak.
    I think I'm going to try that African casino Hitman was talking about. Like I said before I seem to do better at a new casino.
  22. Sep 7, 1999
  23. Sharon

    Sharon Guest

    Mapau, Casino Fortune and Miami Beach are run by the same people.
    Fairplay casino also runs Jetset casino :)
    Sometimes I have trouble at any of the Microgaming sites with my credit card. I only use a 5 digit zip..most of the time if I wait a minute and then try again it will be approved.
    Good luck :)
  24. Sep 7, 1999
  25. jeablue

    jeablue Dormant account

    Lasvegashitmob, Can you come out and play?
    We miss you.

    It's time to come out and PLAY!
  26. Sep 7, 1999
  27. lasvegashitmob

    lasvegashitmob Dormant account

    I tried to buy in at Miami Beach again...another rejection. I wrote them an e-mail asking what the problem is; I used 9 digit zip codes in applying there. I get the feeling I'm being blacklisted or something. Maybe they profile their customers play and they figure they can't make any money on people like me who don't risk much and always quit up. I can't believe that either. I guess I'll just wait for their answer and see if it makes sense.
  28. Sep 7, 1999
  29. Steven

    Steven Guest

    Hi Mike C

    Out of curosity, what is yr average buyin and
    average cashout per session basis. I am hoping
    to learn something from you guys, winners.
  30. Sep 7, 1999
  31. Yanni

    Yanni Guest

    As for the BJ guys.. Try CasinoOnNet... But try it for small amounts of money... You will all prove your theories... The dealer always gets 20's!!!!! and if you have a 20 then the dealer gets 21!!!!!!

    TOO MANY 20's!!!! for them but for you 12's 13'2 14's etc...

    Honeslty saying that their othergames are excellent like roulette..and baccarat! Honest
  32. Sep 7, 1999
  33. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Lasvegashitmob spotted at www.yourluckypage.com
    message boards. We know he is not dead
  34. Sep 7, 1999
  35. lasvegashitmob

    lasvegashitmob Dormant account

    I am here

    I had a disaster for reasons only known to my computer it decided to put a bar on all "adult orientated " sites it has taken the greatest brains in the UK to get the f*****g thing off
    now before you start I never look at such sites anyway (well the odd glimse just for research purposes but thats not the point it wouldnt let me log on here so this must be classed as an adult oriented site so dan p*** off before I call the cops
  36. Sep 7, 1999
  37. lasvegashitmob

    lasvegashitmob Dormant account

    I will call it CON many monthe ago I played there found them to be crap you have to wait a week before they even look at paying out your winnings unless you have amassed loads and loads of player points (how pathetic) anyway when I played there I played at the multi user tables as I believed this was in some way fair now i played recently and the players I played with then at the multiplayer tables were still there the captain and others playing at the same table as me again the odds on that are massive errrrrm I smell a rat I then logged out and wont play there again
  38. Sep 7, 1999
  39. jeablue

    jeablue Dormant account

    glad to see you back LVHM. It's not the same without your humor.
    Just curious, did you do a software upgrade recently?

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