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Casinos right/wrong archive--October 1999

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by Bet, Oct 2, 1999.

    Oct 2, 1999
  1. Bet

    Bet Guest

    Casino San Fran and Club Monte Carlo seem to be the affiliated cos they have similar software and have the same 'refund your losses promotion'.

    I tried betting $100 in one go on both of them but I lost. They refunded my money as the promotion states and I cashed out immediately but the thing is they only send winnings by check. They don't refund your card. Club Monte Carlo sent it in about a week. I'm expecting the Casino San Fran check soon.

    Try Gold Rush Casino or King Tut's. At the weekend they are giving 30% bonus on all deposits (up to $750). You will have to email them about this cos they don't give it to new accounts unless you tell them someone told you about it. You still get $35 free from each when you join anyway.
  2. Oct 3, 1999
  3. Fan

    Fan Guest

    Steve, sorry to hear about you losing your shirt.
    But hey thats why they call it gambling!

    I was going to play at the Caesars casino but have decided not to
  4. Oct 3, 1999
  5. Dan

    Dan Guest

    Steve, you owe me a book. I played in the rags to riches casino, bought in for $200.00. You had told me once that you would give a free video poker book to anyone who bought in within 7 days for a total of $200.00

    I hope you are true to you word
  6. Oct 3, 1999
  7. steve_adkins

    steve_adkins Dormant account

    Buying in for $200.00 at 7:34AM and then cashing out $220.00 (you got the 10% bonus) at 7:44Am without playing one hand does not qualify for a free book. I made that offer so that people that know me and gamble online could get a free book.

    If you would play, I would send you a book as promised. I am sorry Dan but the word stupid on my forehead has been removed.

    Just so you know, you will not get the extra $20.00 buyin bonus either.
  8. Oct 3, 1999
  9. lasvegashitmob

    lasvegashitmob Dormant account

    Theres an offer sign up to rags to riches have a gambling turn over of $200 and get Steves book plus 10% bonus instantly no f**king about having to send emails to claim it I'll jump on my moped and try rags to riches get ready to send me a book Adkins

    ps nice try Dan but he doesnt miss a trick
  10. Oct 3, 1999
  11. Basher

    Basher Guest

    Did Dan try to pull one over on Steve? Sounds like it. Maybe we could just kick the snot out of him for that.
  12. Oct 4, 1999
  13. Lee

    Lee Guest

    helo everyones i is to be comings backs and i is to be very sad you no whys i is got to be married i not happy my wife is to be a arranged marriages so i getting not to be a choice i so cryings at nites my wives is to be called najima she very olds and is smelly of rubber she is to be that there makings tyre for sars please be make me cheering up i very not happy you is alls licky you is not get arranged marry it liking to be blacjck you never to be no if you gett a good hand or bads hand i get bad hands my farteh he be get dowry of 5 cow he happy but he not no me sads at get smelly olds wives i is to be think of end it alls and jumpings infrontings of trains but they is only one trains a day and i not to be gettings up at 3 in mornings to be killings selfs please cherrings me up i needs all you supportings me
  14. Oct 4, 1999
  15. S

    S Guest

    Lee..don't jump in front of the train..jump onto it and move somewhere you can freely choose your mate.
    Steve I'd love a copy of your book..umm got $200 you can lend me? >,grin<,
  16. Oct 4, 1999
  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Thanks for the good laugh! rotflmao!

  18. Oct 4, 1999
  19. Basher

    Basher Guest

    Off with you old man!!! Don't jump in front of a train..... Who besides you and Dan can make us all laugh.
  20. Oct 4, 1999
  21. steve_adkins

    steve_adkins Dormant account

    Lee, glad to hear from you again. But if your wife smells like rubber, I think you need to return Dans inflatable sex toy back to him. He was asking for a refund because he did not know how to use it.
  22. Oct 4, 1999
  23. Lee

    Lee Guest

    steve you are not to beings my friends any more i is to be all askings you to be support me ad you say roods things about sex toy machines well i not is to be use them i not to be get married to najima i decide not to be jump in the front train i now to be runs aways and be gone to other lands farings away i so sad i was to be cry alls the night so much i was sicks on the floors
    my father he has got my pssingport so i buy a faked one from the bad man in the city he charges me $1500 but i no it to be worth it please can you helping me were to be i can goings i am good business man anfd have some money and can workings in office and very loyals to workings company please any helpings me
  24. Oct 4, 1999
  25. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump Guest

    lee I can arrange for my private jet to pick you up from any air strip in India you want,I will also arrange a hotel room please email me
  26. Oct 4, 1999
  27. Najima

    Najima Guest

    lee pleaseing pleaseing be not to runnings aways i is tgo be a goods wives to you i will to be have a wash and not to be smell of rubber i is to be good cookings in the kitchens i is to make you goods vindaloo whening you is to be wantings it i be also happy yo have many littles babys for you please please no be gone
  28. Oct 4, 1999
  29. S

    S Guest

    ROFL...tooo much...
  30. Oct 4, 1999
  31. steve_adkins

    steve_adkins Dormant account

    Lee, You know if I thought you were for real I would feel real bad. But since I think your that Hit mob fellow. I say, get off the doll and send it back to Danny boy.

    And take that poor woman up on her offer for babies!!!!

    Donald, as your flying around with all my money from last week, Do you think I could have my damn shirt back please.
  32. Oct 4, 1999
  33. lasvegashitmob

    lasvegashitmob Dormant account

    Jolly top hold old bean
    gfaw gfaw
    I certainly am not young Mr Lee
    My level of the spiffing top hold English language is much more indepth than this rather unfortunate fellow
  34. Oct 6, 1999
  35. Debra

    Debra Guest

    Hi guys,

    you've been rather quiet lately. I have a question to ask you regulars - so steve, lasvegashitmob, Frank if you have any opinions let rip! as far as Comps & promotions and lucky draws is it better to play at a small casino?? We know the BIG ONES and that they pay out on time and dont mess you around when you try to cash out. BUT... there must be legitamate starters who dont have so many punters or the rep of the bigger Casinos. Aren't the odds of winning in a prize draw at a small Casino much greater then at a biggie. And are the better odds of getting specail attention worth losing the big reputation for.

    One last thing... Steve, I have a nack for blackjack - is the logic behind it the same as poker. What I mean is are there the same standard "RULES" that you stick to although you play a personal game??? Are there winning formulas that you need to learn? How much is luck? I know I'm going to sound silly but for me intuition is important. Some times I'l have a hand that would normallly obviously mean I do one thing, but because I have a "feeling", I do another (against "rational thinking" and it pays...

    maybe I just notice when it pays & not the 100000 times I kick myself for being so stupid. Enjoy your week.

    PS I just got E-Mail fom Luckynugget to say that i have been given four dollars for playing on the week end. :) anybody else make money<,?
  36. Oct 6, 1999
  37. lasvegashitmob

    lasvegashitmob Dormant account

    we are all currently in India, believe it or not, Frank and Steve are currently engaged in a bit of hand to hand fighting with Najima's dad, I'm drinking tea with Najima (nice girl dont see what Lee is so upset about.)
    With reference to draw and comps I have won a few draws the most recent being with African fairplay I won $200 in some "drawing of the spears " draw I turned this into $1600 in a short while and cashed out, I have also won $1500 in English Harbour casino again in a draw this is the second time I won one of their free draws the other was at Easter. As I believe these are biggish casinos I must have been lucky but I see your point if there are less entrants in a draw you stand a better chance of winning (a bit like the debacle with gaming club remember that, although they are quite good after getting to know them)
    Luckynugget wont let me buy in I dont know why maybe they hate gob-shite English people who knows
    As for comps some casino's let you cashin you comp points immediatley and some make you wait thill the end of the month I prefer the latter as you can amass quite a nice stash of credits this way, I also found that one casino gave me comp points on stakes AND winnings instead of just stakes not bad I say
    Anyhow I will let Frank and Steve know you want a reply as soon as they stop hitting Najimas dad with their handbags


  38. Oct 6, 1999
  39. steve_adkins

    steve_adkins Dormant account

    That is because you have a cheap computer.

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