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Frank Williams

Football Club,
You're more than entitled to your opinion! I happen to enjoy playing the casino games from the comfort of my own home and I wouldn't be doing this if I hadn't won a bit. I'm up on a few casinos too! How to beat them? Well, there are certain games where you can apply strategy and skill. There are plenty of various strategies out there and in this Forum too.
I also happen to follow UK football and was surprised to see that you hadn't included Leeds or Arsenal in you pick of title contenders!

Ball Club

Frank , I did tried Lasseters , play in AUD which is cheaper for my currency . You know what , 8 out of 10 times the ball did not spin to my number in Roulette.
I gave up finally . Lost AUD $1000.

This will never happen if I play roulette in Genting casino , even when I am playing the electronic ones , whereby the ball is ejected antomatically by the machine but the computer do not control where it land.

Leeds and Arsenal is a good team. But most of the time , the odds are not very good. So is ManU and liverpool . There's some warm ups match coming up.
I'll try my luck. I have been betting with un licensed bookmaker in my country . Now , I think I'll stick to Sporting bet .

Frank , best of luck this week in your games.

I am too stupid to try to beat the computers.


This has been a good weekend for me, got another $100 at Winning Worlds. Frank, if you haven't already u might wanna drop in..they have a good promotion this weekend. They will match your deposit up to $100 and there are some other bonuses too for the $100 deposit. Some travel thing..I've never been to fact I can't remember the last time I got out of New England. Would be nice to escape for a week.
I've been winning at roulette using a pivot method (u all probably know it, the theory is if a # comes up twice it's likely to come up again). I used to do just black or red..but now I'm gettin lucky with pickin the table numbers.
Sorry for your loss ball club, thanks for the advice on sports wagering. I agree The Big Book really doesn't have much to offer. Where is Genting casino? Are US citizens allowed to play there?
I'm too new to even know about sports odds yet. But I have a feelin if I stick around I'll learn quite a bit from you all.


Dormant account
Nov 24, 2003
HIT MOB I had signed up for the free 25.00 at first live. I got this today. It says that if you ever had a problem with getting paid. email them.

They want to verify your credit card is good so they will charge it $1.00, but will refund it sometime in the next 10 years

Dear Player,

As a valued member of First Live Casino we are pleased to announce that
the Software (computer programs) and database that First Live Casino has
developed over the past two years has been bought out by Northstar
Communications inc.

We at Northstar believe that First Live Casino developed a truly excellent
casino that is without a doubt the most entertaining and true to life
Casino on the Net (and still the ONLY live video casino in the world).

We at Northstar bring the backing, resources and skills to take this
revolutionary live casino into the Millenium.

We have already set to work on improving every single element of the
business. The computer systems that run the games have been replaced by
super-fast servers with high speed Internet connections, now located
in Central America.

The banking and pay-outs system is being totally upgraded, and if you had
any issues what so ever with the First Live Casino pay-outs system please
email us at and we would be delighted to look into it.

Every game has been fully re-developed and thoroughly tested and all the
problems that First Live Casino experienced have been ironed out, and
finally even the live video technology has been rebuilt which now ensures
fast and reliable game play.

To encourage you to come back and see the improved game speed, reliability,
and other improvements, we are giving each recipient of this email $25 free
chips! Click the $25 chip in the foyer, and you'll get free chips credited
directly to your account. To verify your credit card is still valid, we
will charge your card $1, which will be refunded.

Also, over the next month you will see some other exciting developments:

* A special 'sexy' casino with beautiful live croupiers who show more than
the winning number!
* Many more Blackjack Tables with different limits, including private
* A Loyalty program
* A selection of fun and entertaining slot machines
* A revised chat system to speak to other players and dealers and (this
can be turned off too)
* An online improved customer service 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
* Some new games including Baccarat
* A single zero roulette table for high rollers only

The name 'First Live Casino' will also be changed to one of our own

We look forward to seeing you soon, and wish you luck from all the staff at

Kind Regards,

The Management


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Oct 29, 2002
Football club
odds for man utd to be leading at the first have then to win at the end of the second is 3 to 1
man utd to win 2 - 1 odds are 8 to 1
terry sheringham toscore the first goal and man utd to win 2 - 1 the odds for this are 40 to 1
paul scholes to score the first goal and man utd to win 2 - 1 the odds for this are 55 to 1

but do shop around there is plenty of value to be had

good luck football club

good evening Frank
Yanni on holidy again ???????


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Oct 29, 2002
arrr so first live would appear to have been sold to new owners? Ihave sent them emails to no avail even called on their London back street office i mean customer service complex
They are intending to show nude croupiers GOOD GOD but this will interest the perverted element I'm sure
single roulette for highrollers surely single zero should be standard nobody I hope here plays double zero roulette if you do stop the odds are against you big time
Steve thanks for letting us know but please dont give them your credit card details they are cooks i mean crooks but they probably cook their books also

comeon First Live why dont you ever respond to me
YOU ARE CROOKS you cannot prove otherwise can you NO you can't

Steve let us all know their new name as I will forward to rubbishing that name also


Dormant account
Oct 29, 2002

I sent them this;First Live

I write to you as you have now apparantly moved your customer servive here in the UK but upon checking this Mayfair address I find it is simply an office service / mailing address
my experience of you is not a good one if you recall several months ago you kept charging my credit card every 3 minutes for approx $200 which soon mounted up the fraud department of my credit card contacted at about 4 in the morning to check what was going on and it was discovered that you had been fraudulently making these charges my credit card had now been compromised by you and an urgent stop was put on it this was a total inconvenience to me and it was a week before my new card arrived when called you at the time and asked for an explanation you kept giving me the mushroom treatment (keeping me in the dark and feeding me bullshit)
well I will shortly be taking out a county court judgment against you at your London address I will be claiming for compensation for not having had the use of my card for a week

that is unless you would have the coutesy of responding quickly to the email and shedding some light on this matter


I got no reply

I then sent them this today;
Ilook forward to rubbishing your new named casino shortly

you bunch of theiving crooks
no doubt you will ignore this email too
oh well proves my point

I have just recieved this

Dear Mike thank you for your interest in our new casino. It's always nice to receive positive feedback from players that feel they have something to contribute to an exciting new venture such as this. We recognise that many players experienced an unacceptable level of service from the previous owners of FLC. The extent of this dissatisfaction is becoming ever more apparent. If you are owed any outstanding sums please contact us to let us know at

The mind boggles

Frank Williams

I'm glad you've mentioned the double zero roulette... the odds are hugely against the player and I also hope nobody here plays at casinos that have this on their roulette table. I agree that single zero SHOULD be standard!
Sharon, thanks for the tip and well done again on your winnings! I've actually been playing at the YellowCab Casino for the last hour and I'm up by $200! Things are looking up!
Steve, thanks for the info. The whole thing still gives me the creeps though... I mean surely their email address should be or something like that and not the strange sounding Little things like that don't give me confidence in their setup. For those of you that are brave enough to play there, please post any info!

Frank Williams

Lasvegashitmob, it's a good casino which has been around for a long time. I tend to hop around a lot from casino to casino (as if you didn't know!) and I find I keep on going back to the ones I trust like this one. No, I don't own it... and boy are you right about it being quiet in here since Dan stopped posting!


Dormant account
Oct 29, 2002
more from first scam i sent;
$1000 creditted to my casino account with an apology will be acceptable

I won't hold my breath

they said
If you can provide us with information showing that the casino owes you $1000 for a cashout either as a player or as a partner then we will happily pay it. Northstar Communications is committed to the players and partners who were associated with FLC and are determined to put right the catalogue of poor service that relates to FLC.
Northstar Communications

scam scam scam scam scam scam


Dormant account
Oct 29, 2002
you are not listening you ran amock with my credit card billing it for $200 every few minutes i had to stop and cancel that credit card and was issued a new one a week later $1000 is reasonable compensation for all the inconvieience this caused my credit card company made good all your fraudulent transactions

why did you buy a crap casino and not start up a new fresh one and brand it yourself

i suspect you are still first live
youre attitude still stinks
you are still crooks

nobody buys a crap corrupt company nobody

reply to follow


Dormant account
Oct 29, 2002
sorry to keep hogging the forum but I feel it will interest some of you
their reply;
Dear Mike once again a reply has already been posted to your previous e-mail. Once again I can only offer assistance to people that have genuine claims for sums that have not been paid to them. If you have such details please send them, a vague series of threats and accusations are unfortunately not enough to persuade us that your case merits a $1000 payment. So please either send the details of your case or stop sending insulting e-mails to people offering you assistance.
Northstar Communications

My reply

its annoying isnt it imagine if I was charging you
$200 every few minutes
OK then this will be my last email to you
just apologise for the incident
thats all just say sorry
go on just one word 5 letters sorry

no threats you say you wish to correct all of first lives problems of which you say there are many very honest of you so go on just one word SORRY

I look foward to your reply

my fullest heartiest sincerist and warmest regards


Dormant account
Oct 29, 2002
and finally;
Dear Mike thank you, at last some information regarding your complaint. The casino itself is not "crap" the software is the best on the web. Customer service levels have left a lot to be desired but that has changed as has the management. Does your card company still have details of these transactions that they could provide us with? Have you received any money from FLC regarding these transactions? If you give us the contact details of your card company we may be able to get more information. Why did your card company make good these payments? As far as compensation for poor service received from FLC is concerned I'm afraid that we cannot offer that. All Northstar Communications can offer at this moment in time is to make good any outstanding debts to players and partners of FLC. On the matter of attitude I think you'll find that it is not mine that stinks and I think that you'll find that Northstar Communications are not "crooks" and have not bought a "crap" company. But that we have advanced live video software and a database of players that allied with good customer service can make a very successful enterprise. IF you have a genuine claim for unpaid cashouts and can provide us with accurate information then you shall receive the balance within two weeks.
Northstar Communications




thats all I wanted thank you first live / northstar that didnt hurt did it


see theres you is goings they are very sorry to you and have said so i said to be yous all that so along times ago but you alls said i was not right so haha i was to be proved right theys are a good company and they will be lettings you see the deelers titties very soons so i will to be goings to play there you will allbe coming there to be playing also yes

see you alls therethen



Lemme guess;
I think you are *trying* to "pull our leg".
My guess is that you are probably a 15-16 year old male,possibly hyperactive, possible bi-polar II, and either over or under medicated. Give it a rest! You probably also TyPe LiKe ThIs on occasion.


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