Casinos right/wrong archive--January-April 1999


Forum Cheermeister
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How can the online casinos improve on what they do? Is the online/downloaded software effective? Are their payment procedures satisfactory? What do they do right? What do they do wrong?

Andrew Hooker

In response to Bryan's request for information on what the online casino's can do to better their service etc, well, quicker payments would be a bonus. It may be nice to win sitting in the comfort of your lounge room, but then you have to wait for the $US to arrive in the mail,sometimes, in 3-4 weeks or more. All online casino's need to be able to credit your credit card immediately, just like they can debit it immediately. I won at the Burswood Casino in Perth Australia last night and was able to walk out the door immediately, with my winnings in my pocket. I can't believe that with the technology they, (the casino's) have, that they can't service this basic request. Or maybe they are too busy playing the short term money market with our money?? The second thing, is that they should all have software which allows play offline, at home, with play money, just so you can get a feel for the software, and to hone your skills. 5StarCasino has this ability.

John towne

caribbean sands casino advertises great pay schedules for deuces wild and joker poker download the program and the same schedules appear in the rules and the practise play deposit real money try to play you must download new pay schedules losing 4% they have your money

Evgueni Jourjine

I fully agree with Andrew Hooker's posting of January 2 about casinos' inability to pay all winnings to one's credit card. So far I happened to find only one online casino, firstlive, which does this i.e. it pays all winnings to a credit card irrespective of initial purchase amount. Yet instead of the promised 2-3 days it took them 3 weeks in my case. Note that they all make withdrawals from your card very quick, within 2-3 days. Still, even in case they repay the initially purchased amounts to a card, it takes them over a week in most cases. is a pleasant exclusion from this rule, they withdrew money within 2 days and I got paid to my card that quick too, still the initially purchased amount only.

Maybe some casino would tell us about this problem. Maybe according to them this is not a problem.

Please remove one "1" in my e-mail address to communicate.

John Towne

Caribbean Sands did give me my money back five weeks later to be fair it is probably the real time to open an account. They also seem to have corrected their advertising good for them I still wouldn't play their video poker


Anybody could tell me about Riverbelle casino reliabilities? I lost my $300 in less than 5 minutes in the first time I did although I kept winning very often in their free trial plays.

Couch potato

Are there any sites which allow you to practice roulette for free just to test a system?

Isis Heart

I find that Acropolis Csino lets you download and play forever and only press online when you are
ready to play for real. No additional download is
required and though I am a novice at online gaming I find them quite user friendly. On Virtual Vegas
you can play free and they have tournements for cash payouts without cash input.


On the issue of paying back to a credit card, does anyone realize this is illegal? The US Federal government investigates money laundering and one of the suspected ways is to acquire funds into your credit card. Anyone accepting this form of payment is just asking for trouble. Sixteen casinos and internet money handlers are already up on charges. As easy as it is for one of us to play, it is just as easy to start a sting operation. I think I will stick with the system from Winners. I did my homework before I jumped into spending money on the internet.


Dormant account
Getting credits back to your credit card is not illegal. As long as your not money laundering, or committing another crime. You can play in an online casino and get your winnings back up to the amount of your purchase.

John Worth

It is my understanding that a casino can debit back up to the original amount spent, but not over that. I have never known any business which will perform that kind of transaction; it is like buying something with cash and then returning it to the store and asking them to pay to your credit card, which they will not do.


I will not play at any online Casino unless they offer "multiusers" to play at the same time. That way I am a LITTLE bit assured that their computer is not rigged. Anybody know of an online casino offering multiuser capabilites?

James Mays

Intercasino and I think Omnicasino have Multi-Player Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat. However, I had a hard time finding an actual game with multiplayers.
Also, I always won in the Practice Mode but steadily lost when playing for real money. I have come to believe that the casinos can do anything with electronics.