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Visa has started a new card called VISA ELECTRON.
I believe the main purpose is to compete with the
Amex card. This Visa Electron is a debit card and
unlike Amex You really need to have monies in the
account ready for deduction whenever a purchase is
being made. I tried it at several online casinos
and all were unsuccessful (in terms of buying in).
When I emailed for advice I was told as long as it
is Visa it is good enough. Base on that piece of
encouraging news I kept on trying and was finally
successful with a particular casino at a wee hour
in the morning. The problem is - until now they
were unable to bill for it. PROC-CYBER is the a/c
manager for the casino and I did not respond to
their emails concerning the non-payment. Now Proc-
Cyber told me that they have placed me on the "hit
List" (Blacklist to be correct). And that it will
take effect by all casinos handle by them. True to
form, I tried and were told my account is being
locked out by the system (several casinos). What
do you guys say??? Thanks to the "Lockout" I now
managed to save a tidy sum all because I am unable
to login to lose.


Dormant account
Nov 24, 2003
Hit mob, No I will not go and play the free $25 at first live. They want to charge my credit card one dollar to make sure it is valid.

Give me a break! I would not give those people my number if Lee's life depended on it!

First Lie Supporter

LEE , are you stupid or pretending to be stupid ..............................
Are U from China , or somewhere in the jungle of Africa . Much earlier on I have already told YOU and everyone here that First Live have changed management and the name changed to FIRST LIE.

But back then no one believe me .

Lasvegashitmob , email the Northstar guys and ask for a Mr Christian Volden . See what's the reply .
Mr Volden must have even sold his shares and hidding somewhere in an island called island casinos.

LVHM , you are not the only one whose cards Mr Volden deduct at his pleasure . Maybe he have nothing much to do . I myself was deducted $150 5 times w/o authorization , that was back in March.

I travelled to Antigua and St vincent for some business and thr'u the help of some spy , I already knows that the management prepares to sell the casino. So I get in contact with Mr Volden , my pistol right to his head and get back my money.

Believe me , the management might be new , but the name is still FIRST LIE .

The last me I saw Mr Volden , he was with LEE sitting under the sun , waiting for a lone sucker to turn up and pound on him. So , Sharon , stay put in New England , and Frank , even if you win some money , never go for a vacation to some islands , you might end up satying in a hotel called island casinos and find Lee and Volden there waiting for the next sucker.

Steve Adkins is smart , you see . Why take the $25.00 when even if you win all the way up to$250 000 , you will never be paid . Waste of time , and your ISP charges you too.

Las Vegas HM , forget about the london address .
Find the yellow pages under the subject :
LAIRS or ISLAND , they surely can be found.

Football club

Sharon , if U want to learn more on sportsbetting , try
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Lots of good stuff on sports wagering tips on audio , but you'll need Real Player.

Genting casino is the one and only land based casino in my country , unless U want to travel all the way to Malaysia , I'm afraid you might have to
stick to onliners.

O lay O lay O lay O lay Man U the best

First Lie investigators

Hey Guys . I've decided to change my name for postings to "First Lie investigator " .

Now Steve and LVHM , do you really know who is the credit processor of First live ?

Mpact Northstar - right ?

Well , go to
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Also ,
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

Mpact is partners to BCE Energis , which is a public company in Canada .

LVHM , go ahead to Sue those devils.

First lie investigator

UPDATE - First Live .

Everyone knows that first live uses the email address : and

Las Vegas , here's some work for you.
DZO is a site selling art work.
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Now , when you check from InterNic , it is linked to a man called Richard Hadida . is linked to another domain
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

A check from InterNic shows that this Richard is also linked to
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

Here's the interesting part , first live also have a man called Ricahrd . You can read him at

Las Vegas , what do you think ? Is he the same Richard ? Of Course it is !!!!!!!

Here's the address :

Property Link Commerical
40 New Bond Street , London WC 1
Tel : 0171 495 2400

Art Connection Limited
47 Maddox Street London N1R 9LA
Tel : 0171 355 1303

Do you digging , Las Vegas .


Dormant account
Oct 29, 2002
Well well well
this internet thing sure is handy ok thanks for this info anymore will be handy I will look into this.
Would you buy a fine art object of first live no neither would I (yes lee / dan we know you would)
so this little senario is getting better and better
It is a well know fact over here that art dealers are crooks well the majority of them alledgely are
does this info prove our point
once again investigator thanks for the info,but I am wodering should I accept their apology and let the matter drop everyone deserves a second chance and maybe first live have changed (no I have not gone soft in the head)????????????????


Dormant account
Nov 24, 2003
When you say give them a second chance, does that mean that you would play there again? Has lee and dan got to you? Is someone holding a gun to your head? What is the saying? Oh yes fool me once, your fault, fool me twice my fault.
I hope your not considering playing there again.
Wait about 2 weeks and a whole new series of complaints about first live will surface.

Once a liar and a thief, always a liar and thief
Hit mob you need to rest! The fumes from the horses have got to you.A second chance for first live?


Dormant account
Oct 29, 2002
I am currently being held upside down hanging from the 48 floor of the canary wharf tower in london and I wish to say first live are very nice people and to be trusted 100%


re my posting above Ijust wanted to be contraversial. First Live are thieving crooks and I would rather stick needles in my eyes than give then a second chance,well said steve once a liar and a thief always a liar and a thief.
"First Live leaders in online crime"

First lie investigators

Steve and las vegas HM , let's called them FIRST LIE . check out on Richard .
Also , there's a Christian Volden , but I don't think he's from UK.

Keep digging . get those rotten bones out .

Do U see the link .... why they have a Uk answering office tel number when they are down.
Maybe Richard was back home to use up all the money that he cheated on Lee and Dan.

Lee and Dan , the last time I saw them , they are enjoying themselves with some naked courpier in a casino called First Lie which was located in a tiny island called island casinos.

Lee , tell U what , go watch SESAME STREET and learn some ABC . Dan , have not heard from you for some time. Ah , I was watching a movie last night when something reminds me of you ..... yes it was the movie title " Slience of the Dan "

Las Vegas , start digging those Liars.


why are you to be callings me i only tellings you the truths that first live is good they have been saying sorry to lasvegshitsmob and he now very happy now sayings seconds chances thankyous vrey much first live are very sorry and they WILLBE showing ladies titties on the deelers tables so it must be very goods yes i bet all men now wanting to be playing theres to.
they givings to stevn adkins $25 wow he much be very happy now becase it says he winnings $250000 there wow luckily luckily steve you must be very good now with first live
you good friend lee




Dormant account
Nov 24, 2003
Dan, Sorry to hear you have not been paid yet by the island casinos. That is sort of surprising.
Why with that good handa lopez software and such good customer service, What could possibly of gone wrong?

Lee, I will just let that free $25.00 stay there.
I worry about any casino that wants to charge my credit card $1.00 with some promise of paying it back. They are not to smart or they would have changed the name already. But you and DAN can keep first live and island casinos in business.

First lie investigator

Lee , you obviously do not understand ENGLISH .
I said , EVEN IF Steve win $250 000 from that charity of $25 he will not get anything because First Lie do not pay out winings that arises from their charity bonus . Do U understand now !!!!!

Do us a favour , Lee , go buy a dictionary.

Dan , that's the last time I saw U , laying in the beach of an island called island casinos waiting to plunge into the sea. Then , the satff of First Live and Island casino came and told you that they will give you $25 if you dare to swim .

But they say before U do that , you have to buy a $1 insurance . So U agreed and they charges U $1 from your card.

So what , I saw that you did jump into the sea .....and was eaten alive by the sharks .....sharks that was put into the sea by First Live and Island casinos anyway.

When the staff of First Live saw your bones wash to shores , they do what HONEST people would do , they took more money out of your card and gave your a honourable furneal .

LEE , who cannot read and speak english or maybe cannot speak at all , was with a few naked ladies from First Live. So he though : "what the heck , let's have some fun" . Now Lee have joined First Live as the one and only naked male coupier
and for the eyes of the VIPs big timers only .
The job really suites him well since there's no need for him to speak at all ---- only show off his naked body.


it now very sads the one of our friends he now be deadi would like to be sending my codolelancs to dan what a big shame that he be dead on his vacations.
yes but I belieev it is true that when you buying somethibg on your credit card you is then to be getting insured for it so dan would be lots of insuranvce money when he die if he paid it for on his credit card.
no i not be showing my widgy woo me not naked i am repectable gentlman, my speaking tongue is very good so dontr be so rood at this sad time off ours lossing of a friend dan


Do not beleive Lee or Dan.. or even First Li(v)e

They did not even bother to change their name from FirstLi(v)e to another name to enhance their reputation after changing management.
Also the $25 free deal that they give was available from the old management... so they are working on the sam s**t!


Dormant account
Oct 29, 2002
welcome back where have you been Greece again??
nice to see your back on form!!

First Live sent me the same offer today (i didnt give them my email address on that offer thing when their scam was closed recently) but they must have thought i would like $25 yeh like i want 25 of their dirty dollars
anyway if their are any new readers out there reading this dont dont dont give them your credit card details they cannot be trusted they say they will charge you $1 to see if your card is valid WHY? so they can repeatedly charge your card to its limit and screw you big time
They do read this forum of that i know, so if they read this why do they not respond BECAUSE THEY ARE CROOKS.

there are plenty of good casinos out there just shop around read all of the postings here and you will find on you can trust.

and why have the "NEW" owners bought a corrupt casino anyway? how much did they pay for it?why was it "sold"?

give first live a wide berth and save yourself a whole lot of aggro

And those of you who are new Bryan the administrator of this site took off from his advert board all trace of first live.WHY


Jeablue mon petit pois were have you gone??

First Lie Investigator

Hey Las Vegas , Yanni and Steve , the BEC Energis guys in Canada admited that North Star is their client and they admited that Frist Live is their clients .

Here's the email they send me.

Las Vegas , they are Publicly traded company in Canada . Go check out and get your money back , all who was cheated by First Live .

You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

Las Vegas did you check on the London address ?

NorthStar is one of our clients.

Regards/Bien a vous,
Jody Kieran
BCE Emergis
Supervisor, E-Commerce support
TEL-(514)-487-3750 x4351
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Has anybody had any experience with
The Ascot casino appears to be new. Their site and sofware are kind fo stange, never admiiting delevoler, card processor and other important details.
The software is for sure from some unknown source, they dont even say from which.
Email or post whatever info you have, please.

A Non A Mouse


The software is from Your post made me curious so I downloaded it. It SUCKS....
Really lousy games compared to microgaming, boss media and starnet, not to forget goold old cryptologic ( but they are fast ) and a really small selection. I checked out the goldplay website and it has really anoying background music ( a pet hate of mine ). They dont really tell you much there either. Ascot give a UK telephone number so maybe the brits in here should give em a call and see what they are about.

So to be honest I dont have any info on them apart from thier games suck, they may well be a very honest and reputable operator, but the site doesn't put that across.

All the best

It wouldnt be somewhere I would put my cash.

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