Casinos in Berlin.


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Sep 30, 2003
Hey guys.

This thread is a totally irrelevant to online gambling. I ll flight to Berlin in a few days and I ve done a little research about the casinos there. I found that the best is Spielbank Berlin. I d like to know which is the minimum legal age that someone can enter a casino in Germany. Also, I d like to know if there are any poker rooms for Texas Hold em there. Generally any information is appreciated.

Having been to Berlin recently, there are no shortages of places to gamble!
There are variuos "Spielothek" dotted everywhere. Most are owned by one big company is seems (Merkur). This looked much like any major British city, with "Fruit Machine" parlours on almost every street.
I did not go into one (only had a couple of days), but they seem to offer casino games at the bigger ones.
You will also find German "Fruitmachines", a little like casino 3 reel slots, in Biergardens, and the Berlin Underground/Overground stations.
It is very likely that many of these machines are British Made for export.
They do not necessarily pay the 90%+ expected in Vegas, and appear to pay out "tickets" rather than cash in some locations and for higher prizes.
If I had more time, I would have done one of my "Surveys" for the website:D

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