Casinos for Mac users? Flash Casinos?


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May 24, 2004
Orange County, CA
I'm a Mac user, and I have not found a single download casino that's Mac compatible. The java casinos are kinda slow. I really like flash casinos the best but haven't found one I'm really happy with.

What are your favorite flash casinos - ie best customer service, high payouts, browser compatibility (Safari, Firefox, IE).

Any other Mac people out there?

- Josh
Can't you run the windows emulator and run some version of windows on your mac? Then you could probably use any of the download casinos.
I have a G5 mac, and virtual pc currently does not work with it. Once virtual pc is g5 compatible, yes I will be able to run any of the casinos. BUT - I think it's just silly that more online casinos don't support Macs, either software wise or browser wise.

The few that work great, like and all the related sites have horrible reviews!

I'm really looking for the best flash casino. Any opinions?
Well all the microgaming flash casinos are going to be virtually identical. So if you tried one and didn't like it, you most likely won't like the others. I tend to stay away from java & flash casinos because they are slow and can be tempermental. The only java casino I like is Intercasino's java version. Other than MG, I don't know if anyone else uses flash for their games.
I recommend Starluck and Planetluck. Those casinos belong to the same
iGlobalMedia group and they have the java version. These casinos are fair,
lots of people played and won there, myself included. Their payout is fast,
usually the same day. Game play is not too fast and also not too slow so ......

And no, I have no connection of any kind to any of them! They were just
some of the casinos that I tried first when I started visiting online casinos.
Try also Lasseters ( Maybe it'll work for you

"6. Which Internet browser programs is Lasseters compatible with?

The Lasseters site is compatible with Mozilla, Firebird, Opera, Netscape version 6 or greater, IE version 5 or greater, and all versions of AOL. However Internet Explorer is the only browser program fully supported"

"Lasseters is compatible with all Windows Operating systems as well as Linux for PC. Unfortunately as MAC compatibility is not fully supported by us at this time, Apple MAC users may experience sporadic difficulties while trying to access the site."
Yes, that sucks, I only got an Imac, I guess most Mac users have a PC also or probably they go play at their neighbor's house like me, hehehe, Virtual PC sucks, it's too slow, C'mon, we need a Mac version
I've noticed that casinos with the newest playtech flash casino software work great with os x and safari. Any opinions on which is best? Kiwi, ClubDice, Tropez?

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