Casinos ability to pay non-US players

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Nov 1, 2005
With the US market largely out of play for online casinos, how would this affect their ability to pay withdrawals/cash-outs of European, Asian, and other non-US players? Would the games get tighter and harder to win at? Of course, if these games are supposedly random, then it shouldn't matter but we know better. :rolleyes:
Personally I'm not so sure that would be in their best interests. Firstly, they would get "spotted" in their audited and published stats. If that was conveniently "unpublished", I think players would get suspicious and actually, anyway, winners work in a casinos favour (witness the Winner Screenshot's thread I'm sure!) in PR terms.

So long as their is a "house-edge" and the "law of the gambler", the casino won't lose, even if they have 100% E.R. games, so they have no need to reduce payouts IMO.

For every "controlled" player, there's one (or more) who chases their losses so the casinos will always win purely from that angle IMO.
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