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Mar 3, 2004
Back in Aug 2004 I joined a website which I discovered on this forum called They are an affiliate of a casino called I was told that if I put money into that I would receive 10% back from casino rebate of my deposit into The first time I tried this I received my rebate from casinorebate. Then the next time a made a deposit into, I never received my rebate from casinorebate. I was told by casino rebate, the reason that I did not receive my rebate is because did not pay them. Casinorebate claims that in the last few months that they have received no response from drho888 regarding this matter. I was wondering if anyone had any feedback to share.
The owner is either Stanley HO or his daughter. He is the owner of most of the casinos in Macau and I dont think he will risk his reputation in making a bad casino out of Any negative publicity will be bad for him as he is now slugging out with Steve Wynn and other famed casinos for the bettors at the enclave since his gambling monopoly licence ended about 2 years ago.
I am the operator the Casino Rebate Online, an affiliate of You can check out Outdated URL (Invalid), we are listed at the bottom section of the page.

I have temporarily put down my site at, because after a few months of being an affiliate at, they suddenly refused to pay me my affiliate commissions. Thus, I was not able to give my members their share of rebate.

I never doubted the integrity of, as I have been playing there online myself for more than 2 years before I joined and become their affiliate. Never had a problem with payments, and so with some of the friends I refered before. Since I am already recommending friends, I thought of joining their affiliate program.

Now, after "earning" a few thousands of affiliate commission, they suddenly stop payment, and claims to have miscalculated. The rules was really simple, just like some other online casino's, during a month, if the "income" from affiliates is positive, I get a commission. If it's negative, no commission. AND the most impt rule is NO NEGATIVE CARRYOVER to succeeding months. After I pointed that out, they refused to answer my email now, for more than 3 months.

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