Casinopop don't want to pay me via NETeller!


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May 10, 2015
Hi at all!

Yesterday i have make my 2nd deposit there via paysafecard, because NETeller doesn't work for this welcome bonus (it was the 75% Bonus for the 2nd deposit).
After the playthrough the funds was ZERO first (that was the first problem).
But i had a balance after playthrough of 144,00€.
Ok, the cash was later into my account back.
But the top of the problem is: I could'nt make the withdrawal via NETeller.

2 Mails i have where the problem the CSA told me:

1.)Regarding deposit and withdrawals you can make a minimum deposit with either Skrill or Neteller and then use this method for future transactions.
2.)In order to request a withdrawal you can make a minimum deposit with either Skrill or Neteller and then use this method for future transactions.

I go to Chat and another CSA have told me the same: FIRST i should make a min. deposit (15,00€) via NETeller and i MUST 1x playthrough the deposit.

That i have done at this morning: I have to pay the 15,00€ with NETeller and make 5 spins for 3,00€ at Immortal Romance (but NO winnings from these spins ;-) )

Than i go to the cashier and i have the option "NETeller" for withdrawals. I have done this.
I have asked to flush my withdrawal but it doesn't work. I should wait for an email response.
NOTHING!!! Till now.
I go back into the casino account and i see my withdrawal back into my casino-account.
I go to the chat again and i've asking for this problem.
She told me that i can claim the withdrawal only via banktransfer. But i don't want these method.

WHY i had 3x an incorrect information, that i must FIRST make another deposit via NETeller???

What i can do now???
Is this the same rep here as RIZK?
Only allowing withdrawals to a payment method you deposited from is standard practice, some Casinos enforce it more strictly than others (some restrict it to most recently used deposit method, while others allow withdrawals to deposit methods used in the past).

From the casinopop t&c:

All withdrawals will be remitted only to the same account from where the funds paid into the player’s account originated.

Not sure why they still refused a withdrawal to Neteller after you used it though and defaulted back to Bank account withdrawal.

They do seem to have a rep on here, you could try sending him a pm and see if he has any explanation as to why you could only withdraw to a bank account rather than neteller.
Casinopop withdrawal

Thank you for your answer.

I have send the rep a pm now.
Casinopop withdrrawal


Nobody has an idea why i can't make a withdrawal with NETeller if i have make a deposit with NETeller before?
Hi again!

I was in chat again and asking for my withdrawal via NETeller.
Later i had the email response:

Hi ...!

Hope that you are well.

We have now got an update regarding the withdrawal method.

Unfortunately there is not other way to take the money our then using paysafe or bank transfer,
unfortunately it is not possible to withdraw via Neteller.

Kind regards,

Customer Care

That i can't understand.
I couldn't read anything in their terms that the withdrawal method has an "update" from time to time.
I know, my english is very bad ... but i didn't know about that the casinos change the rules if the player's nose is to big or to small.

The angry thing is:
3 customer service agents tell me the story that i must make another deposit with NETeller of min.15 with 1x playthrough for make a withdrawal with the same method (Neteller) than.
Yes, that is true. I know about this. That's the way why i have believed the csa's ... i have done it so ... i've lost the 15 ... all for WRONG informations?

PLS SAY: Are the people STUPID to believe the chat agents?
Sorry ... but i don't know.

For me it was much easier telling you all the story in german.
Shit happens ... i'm very angry about this.

I have never heared this before: Casinos make an "update" for withdrrawal methods without to read it in the T&c's!!!
Perhaps only at rogue casinos, that i don't know.
But i don't believe it that is the same for the casinopop

Other thing: I don't have an answer from the casinopop rep

What do you think about this?
Okay what i think is less than 2 days is not long enough to complain a Rep has not answered a PM some of the reps only come on every few days.

Chat support at casinos is not always the best. They normally try their best but they presume that if you use Neteller for a deposit it will make it active and allow you to withdraw to it and in some cases it will but it all comes down to their finance team and how they operate.

Maybe the chat Reps are wrong in advising you otherwise but it certainly does not make it a bad casino.

A lot of casinos are quite strict about depositing and withdrawing. As you made your deposits by paysafe and no other method and that is where your balance is from then they are quite right that you must withdraw by either paysafe or bank transfer.

I really think you should accept that if you want paid to have your withdrawal sent by Bank Transfer. Some casinos might be more flexible but it looks clear that this casino is not going to budge and is doing it by the book so i would just accept it , get paid by Bank Transfer and if not happy about service play elsewhere from now on.
Yes, you're right.

But i have make a deposit via NETeller too ... as i said.

I have make the withdrrawal via banktransfer now. But i think i must wait all the weekend for this.

But a little bit angy about this all: YES!

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