Casinomeister's Best and Worst 2008 Awards


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Jun 30, 1998
Yes it's finally here, filmed in front of a LIVE studio audience (well, almost live) - it's the Casinomeister Awards.

Co-presenters: Protecto & Vortran007

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Nice one again,

Missing the part where you're playing the bass guitar, that was just trippy last time. Also think I saw my grandpa in the audience, guess the casinomeister also meistered the space-time continuum.

Can't wait for the next one :thumbsup:

Edit: just noticed when watching second time when Vortran007 speaks about Malta the sub titles end before all he says shows. Just a small thing because can still understand him. Was just something I noticed
I play bass (and keyboards) in the Halloween special, by the way. :D

I was besieged with techno probs on and off-line yesterday, so the subtitle thingy was something I noticed but said "eff it."

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