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Mar 23, 2006
Macomb County, Michigan
Confession: I enjoy playing poker, but I'm such a bad (inexperienced) player that I avoid games against humans, so Internet casinos have never really appealed to me. A friend received a bonus offer from Crystal Palace, though, and - since he had no Internet access and knew I did - offered it to me. "Pretend you're me," he said, "and you can have the $200 or whatever". Louie is a nice guy, I like him. Just to humor him, I said I'd give it a try. A trial, actually - before I even tried to download the software - cautious of goonware and so forth - I Googled "Crystal Palace Internet casino". Guess what one of the most noticeable hits was! I reviewed the complaints recorded here and have decided to save my time, not to mention risking any money. Casinomeister is a very valuable resource and I'm going to pass it along to anyone I hear talking about visiting an Internet casino - because the best time to learn of problems is before they become your own! Best of luck, everyone, and thanks to the Casinomeister! :notworthy
One other bit of advise Reveasy, I wouldnt ever play using someone elses details. If you are caught the casino will lock your account and you will lose any funds you have with them. And youll get no help from Casinomeister either.

If you stick to Casinomeister recommended pokerrooms (Old URL), read up on the basics of poker, and start at the very lowest limits, then poker can be a fun AND profitable pastime.

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