Casinomeister Threads Being Copied to Gambling UK Forum


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Jun 11, 2006
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The poster mbcobretti is copying Casinomeister threads to other forums. Some examples are below:

Gambling Log --
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Autoplay vs Single Click --
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Gift Wrap 100 Free Spins
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I spotted this, so assumed he was a spammer over here as well.

Gambling UK is more "Fruit Machines" and bookies/sports - his cross posts have gained little attention.
Maybe he is using this tactic to make a name for himself at Gambling UK as a "clever and knowledgeable casino player".

Currently, he has not been allowed sufficient rope in order to effectively hang himself. One his threads consist of half of Casinomeister, perhaps some smartass member of UK Gambling could ask him a pertinent question which needs an answer NOT posted on casinomeister to be lifted.

I noticed this by chance, when I "googled" my name and found a couple of Gambling UK posters had mentioned it. In good taste though, "He is a good player who travels".:)
OK, now I see why he reposted his roulette strategy thread here today (he probably copied it off another forum and forgot he posted it here already).
Well spotted, AKA23 - and I see KK has called this cretin out already - Kudos, KK!
The first one I spotted was a few days ago when he tried to start a 'Winner Screenshots' thread & copied verbatim polli123's first post! :eek:

The mods at UK Gambling pretty quickly deleted that thread! :thumbsup:

I mean, it's OK to copy a theme from one forum to another, but to simply cut & paste someone else's words is stealing (and extremely sad), quite frankly. :mad:

I get the impression his copied posts are a means to promote his banner farm, sorry, informative casino website:D

He has been lightly reprimanded on Gambling UK for having a link to his casinofarm website without having made the required number of posts to earn the privelige. His farm looks pretty well designed, and hard to spot the joins, but is let down by mentioning the erstwhile "Spin Palace" casino among such doubtful company as "Magic Box", and "Swiss Casino". Seems any referral is a good one, and sod the reputation.
His site seems to be an affiliate with every casino, sportsbook and poker room in cyberspace, and I would strongly suspect that his "reviews" are simply lifted from the casinos themselves.
Now that KK has exposed him, the forum admin at Gambling UK has requested an explanation, so I expect we'll see no more of him (under the current name at least).

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