Casinomeister/ Poker333 Freeroll Sunday 15:00 EST


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Mar 4, 2004
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Hi Everyone

Sunday at 15pm we have a private freeroll tournament. However this one will work diferently, this time you will need to enter a password. This password will give you access to the Freeroll. There is only 50 seats available and only those with the applicable requirements (10 meaningfull posts or 10 days Casino Meister membership will be included in our points system. If not you are allowed to play but benefit no points to qualify for the final $500 Freeroll.

Here is the details!

Table Name: Casino Meister
Table Password: laladada
Date and Time for Tournament: 10 Apr 2005 - 15:00 EST

PLEASE NOTE: This table will be under the "Private" tab and not the "MTT" tab

Hope you enjoy! :D
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Thank you Chatmaster!
i was about to post thati have seen this on the private tables.
does this mean we are no longer restricted to Poker333 then? (though i have used this all time )
Yes, this one you are able to play at any prima room! For the next ones you still will have to register with us as I will email the password to you personally! But you can feel free to play at your favourite Prima room for now. :thumbsup:
Thanks for offering these!

Just curious as to why it was limit this week....any reason inparticular, or just wanted a change of pace? :D
Hi everyone

I have some bad news! It seems that there was a problem with regards, to the payment of the winners of this tourney on Sunday. I also have a problem to see who played in the tourney, so I will appreciate it if you can club in here and give me some information.

Where did you you end up in the tourney and did you recieve your winnings?

I know this sounds weird, but I need this information to ensure everything worked out fine. Sorry for the inconvenience but I'll appreciate your cooperation regarding this issue.

Hi Chatmaster,

I played on Sunday (as ColU_FC). I can't remember what place I finished in but it wasn't in the money. :(
I was an hour late,nevertheless ended 12th without playing. I was watching and if I remember correctly,largeeyes,lars and kasinoking were in the money.
thank you chatmaster for the fine event look forward to more.

there is nothing in my poker life that makes me want to take up skippo, than losing a game to largeeyes. the guy was "committed" and i shoulda been a long time ago. i mean he "had to". the dewd sleeps half the tourney then falls awake only to go on and win this prestigious event. if you plan on playing this guy,this kreskin, take uma thurmon with ya with her katana, or maybe just have her pluck his good eye out. then just maybe we have a chance.

i am roscorude and i have played a K5

but it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooted!!!!!!!!!!!

oh btw i finished third
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casino meister freeroll

i have tried to register on the casino meister freeroll, but it is not under private. it is uner mtt. and it says invitation only. I am on poker333. It does not let you give the password. Can some1 help me on this. thx. doug111
Well, looks like it's a problem for me across prima. I must have a firewall running or something I don't know about because Poker333's and another poker rooms private tourneys like this refuse to show up :(

EDIT: Well, seems that AOL's connectivity thing on the systray was interfering(how I don't know). I used the task manager to close down all AOL things and poof, it worked. Hmmmm
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