Casinomeister & Poker333 Freeroll 24 April!


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Mar 4, 2004
South Africa
It is time again for our next Freeroll on the 24th at 15:00 EST! there is 15hours left to register so please register now. Everyone that has registered before for any of the Freerolls, will automaticaly be registered allready!

That is because it hasn't been registered yet. This one will work with an allow list, that is why registration is required. You can only register from my Signature!
No, No, no thank you for playing in them! :notworthy

We have grown to 47 members excluding naffany that is P'd off with me for some reason he is not sharing with me. So as long as it is growing I am happy. :D

Rather thank Bryan for allowing this :notworthy
Im not p'd off Chatmaster, just had problems a while back with my account at 333 getting crossed with someone else (Which you apologised for. thanks :thumbsup: ) and dont think its a good idea to use your site in case the problem resurfices No hard feelings though I promise and goodluck to everyone :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Thanks, nafanny29

I must add we miss you in there, but I fully understand! As long as there is no hard feelings and please keep in mind that I learn from my mistakes! :D

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