Casinomeister Interview on what players want


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I am in the bracket of players who do not wish to be tied to or be pursued to be tied to an inflated status at any casino. Because it would feel like a I have to have a loyalty with them that I don't wish to have.
I am unsure why you associate a "young membership" in here with wanting gamification status- and their lack of wanting to be?
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I think with the youth and video games they're looking for completion rewards, recognition and accolades to prove their gaming status & validity.

Gaming/ slotting shares some traits with the games medium but will never be viewed in the same light by younger gamblers, it's a completely different activity, not 'cool' enough, and essentially non-interactive. Casinos and software developers are just hopping onto a bandwagon that isn't there...


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Gamification is not just about video games and it's certainly here to stay, companies like Volkswagen, Nike and Starbucks have proven that, while it might not be a priority for everyone it certainly adds something for casual casino players and that is a huge group of players, most of those wouldn't even be aware of Casinomeister to be honest.

Gamification is all about psychology and the reward trigger is tightly connected to our emotions, it's not magic and it's not a gimmick, it's proven to add to the user experience in general (still doesn't mean it's a priority for everyone).