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Hi all,

Vortran and I are busy formulating the Casinomeister Awards for 2005. What I'd like from you, my dear forum member, are some suggestions for categories that I haven't covered before.

To get an idea - check out the previous years here:

Best and Worst of 2004
Best and Worst of 2003
Best and Worst of 2002
Best and Worst of 2001

If you have comments for Best Casino/Worst Casinos etc. please just PM these to me (I've already made up my mind on most of these anyway). Please don't post these suggestions - that will only lead to a run-away train thread.

Just post categories please :D


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Hi Casinomeister,

I have a few suggestions:

- Best customer support team

- Best casino manager

- Best site design

- "Underdog Casino of The Year" - Going to a casino that doesn't get enough recognition, slightly underrated, but neverthess, has a great reputation.

- Best/Worst casino portal

- Best/Worst post of the year

- Best/Worst thread of the year

- Best casino software - MG, Crypto, PlayTech, Boss Media, ect...

- Best/Worst slot

- Best "New Idea" by a casino (something original)

- Best/Worst NEW GAMES (eg. Loaded, Marvel Games, Bejeweled)

- Best method of payment

- Most Improved (Casino) Reputation Award - A casino that made great strides in '05, to improve their not-so-good reputation from days past.

Hope some of these help. :)


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Best / Worst game period - be interesting to see if any of the new games have challenged the old faves.

Worst Marketing Campaign

Most Innovative Player Incentive

Second Best Robot Award - I wanna know who would have won if Vortran hadn't rigged the vote!


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Best / Worst game period - be interesting to see if any of the new games have challenged the old faves.
Awww Simmo, that was exactly what I was thinking, lol. I guess GMTA.


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Best/Worst Payouts...
Best/Worst Promotions...
Smoothest/Tackiest Reachability (meaning how to get in touch with them)...
I really hope that Honorary mention of "Bloopers" goes to Trident with an answer, "We apologize for any incontinence this may have caused you" :D :D :D :D

Hey,'s eZbonus cause it's same kinda mess as eZboards :D
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I know the focus of the forum is online casinos but how about gambling products, like those "how to beat online casinos" by using various strategies or revealing "secrets" of the casinos. For example, "Purple Chip Blackjack" ( ) or any of the Silverthorne publications.


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paul02085 said:
How about Best/Most Annoying Poster?
hahacasino received "Most Annoying Poster" last year - and then he got himself banned. :D


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Bryan, did you got this idea by accident or after i sent Support-Award suggestion via PM (Last week) :cool:

You can press "Thanks" if... Yes ;) lol

Ok... How about Best Manager/Casino Operator or something like that. Because some casinos don't care about these posts at all, while some Managers, Casinos, Affiliate managers, etc are here helping quite fast, if there is any problem or something. :)