Expired Promo Casinomeister Advent Tournament 2019

There are promos that are no more.
He pretends to be the god of whine.
Should we indulge him? I guess its fine.
Hes super nice, but not so bright.
Hes one of the others, but still quite alright.

He is always willing to lend a hand
This man who lives in maple-land.
Diving under the ice for fish
Giving out a christmas wish

So to the man whos always here
A merry f*ckin christmas, and a happy new year!

Thanks for holding the comp @dionysus
And thanks to my stalker @pereblue and his friend @LadyJelena for all the secret work that goes on in the background. And last but not least thanks to the rep of the year @L&L-Jan for sponsoring the comp.
:O WOW, Thank you all so much I am in shock, I logged in had 7 notification and a message knew something had happens haha!, Just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who was part of this advert and a massive thank you to @L&L-Jan for the prize.

A great big congratulations to @ESCJAMIE - may your holidays be a little brighter

Thanks again everyone that helped and the members that helped support the contest by participating.

Happy Holidays all...HO HO HO

and we arrreee outta here :)

Week 4
End of day 1 :)

Time for the points:

Clone wars
sufferinsilence with a 855.50x 6
dionysus with a 311.50x 2
Denis Becker with a 126.50x 1

Week 4 Screenshots (so far)
sufferinsilence with a 855.50x
dionysus with a 311.50x
Denis Becker with a 126.50x

Monthly Screenshots (so far)
dionysus with a 1,474.12x
sufferinsilence with a 1,384.50x
Supababe with a 991.25x

LeaderBoard (points, 1st places)
spoo42 81, 10
Supababe 68, 7
sufferinsilence 66, 6
dionysus 66, 5
Denis Becker 34, 4
bamberfishcake 19, 2
ShadyFei 18, 3
ternur 6, 1
Mouche12 6, 0
GoldenGhoul 2, 0
Missed the end draw, congrats Jamie!

Thanks Dionysus for attempting to match my sleep patterns, even though you failed miserably but you cant please everyone, next year i will buy us synchronised alarm clocks.

Thanks L&L for sponsoring and everyone else involved.

Great free competition!

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