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Oct 12, 2004
I played there the signup bonus deposited 100 received 500 sticky bonus

After I cashed in they locked the account and asked for documentation

I sent them the documents and then they sent me this email and returned only the deposit 1000$, I cashed ouyt 5875$ and only 1000$ was returned

I pitched a bitch about 2 weeks ago. I didn't receive any resoponse.

Dear Player,

Thank you for your reply. Your account has been permanently blocked by our
Operations Department. There will be no further debits and/or credits posted to
your preferred payment method and thus no winnings will be paid out.

Please note we will be posting a US$1000 credit to your NETeller account, which
is equal to your original deposit amount. Also you are no longer welcome at our
casino or any of our OGA affiliated casinos

Kind Regards,
Customer Care Team.
I'm about ready to exclude all "pitch a bitches" from Israel as well.

Nazila, I was out for two weeks. Let me see what the casino has to say, but I have a good feeling about what they have to say concerning your case.
Stanford said:
What's up?

A preposition. :D

Seriously, just a bit of venting on my part. The majority of the complaints I have from Israeli players have several indicators that they are coming from the same group of fraudulant players/player. There is a set pattern to these complaints. I'm not saying that our poster nazila is one of them, I'm just a bit weary of people who are obviously wasting my time. There are many legitimate complaints that are not being tended to because of these a-holes.
They sure do 'sound' the same whenever I read them. Makes me think there's an echo in here.

Makes me think there's an echo in here.
Lux is just one of the endlessly self-perpetuating skins of the Treasure / Glamour etc group, the name of whose software escapes me. This remains the only group to date to successfully steal from me - $100, about three years ago. My lack of knowledge of the scene back then coupled with the relatively trivial amount involved led to me not bothering to contest the matter.

Either way, this group are thieves.
LOL - they've owed me a couple of hundred for around 3 years. Gave me the "you signed up through a barred partner" crap.
A couple of years ago I found out they were doing the same shit to players so I decided to give them a try again. I contacted livesupport and asked if my account at Treasure (or whereever) was in good standing and if I could play. They checked and there didn't seem to be a problem. I even asked them to double check since I had problems earlier, but support assured me there wasn't a problem. So I played, won a few bucks and after a few days my account was shut down and they returned my deposit. I asked why and of course it was because "you signed up through a barred partner". F.....g idiots :machinegu
Ultra Internet Media were involved with this bunch of casinos, which at one time seemed to have a common support system under the @casinoanswer address. As Jyde says, it is using GV software.
One of this group did not pay me my very small winnings, long long time ago when I was so stupid as not to hit the soft 16 vs dealers' hard 16.

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