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Jul 11, 2006
New York, NY
I posted here before and we werre all told how the spammer had been "shut down" from Casino Partners.

Well of course this asshole is back and spamming twice as hard under the moniker of "Vegas Lounge"

A selection of recently-spammed URLs:


This is not news necessarily but I'm interested to know: why would ANYONE ever want to work with Casino Partners given how rampant and out of control their spam problem has become?

I would never gamble online due to a personal tragedy. This should make me an obvious "DO NOT SPAM" entry in their databases, but they don't fucking care. I continue to receive a barraged of these messages, amounting to upwards of 20 per week, all from this casino only. Not one other casino affiliate program has this issue.

I want answers: why are Casino Partners allowed to get away with this?


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These are all CPays casinos now. CP actually did shut them all down.

CPays is taking the laidback approach to shutting this group down, so don't expect it to stop anytime soon, if at all.
I received six of these mails this morning. What's up with that?? :mad:

Not sure, but I know CPays has totally ignored the thread in the past week or so about it over at CAP. They've been told time and time again that it's the same group of ~70 spammers that hit casino partners, but still do nothing.

Oh yea, if anyone wants to send spam reports to CPays, their emails are and (Nospam & cpays in the same address...that's quite an oxymoron.)

Fck using that form they have on their website for spam reports.
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This was for Amber Coast (CPays). So what the hell? Am I surprised at all? Not in the least bit.
I get them every day. Casino Partners actually did something about this (took a little time, though). CPays doesn't even care that people are pissed off.

Whoever gave my email out originally (nearly 100% positive it was Casino Partners), it resulted in a ton of 'get this stock now', viagra, pharmaceuticals, and casino spam.

All spam now (email) is for CPays casinos. They are a blight on the industry.

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