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  1. jimmylindholm

    jimmylindholm Dormant account

    casinoking.com = criminals

    i have made a deposit of 100 usd recieved 25 in bonus..
    had been playing black jack,&roulette wich is both games where bonuswagering doesnt count! that i understand and dont have a problem with..
    therefore i played caribbean stud poker that counts towards wagering requirements,talked tho their 24/7 online chat to have them tell me how much there is left to wager -780 usd i got in return..
    keeps playing this time i call their support to now if i have fulfiled my obligations or not!
    this time they say yes you have wagered enouhg on the card game!
    goes to cashiere to make a withdrawal,and after 4 obligatory transferpendingdays i got a mail back says that i have not fullfilled my playing on allowed games and therefore they will keep all the monewy on my account exxept my initial deposit of 200..


    they are impossible to reason with,its redicilous to keep 21000 dollars cause a 25 dollar bonus that they anyway says taht i have wagered enough!
    have pitched a bith what more can i do to recive my money ?
  2. sirius

    sirius Senior Member

    They did a similar thing when another guy won a few thousand on roulette (at the time, the terms were very misleading but probably not now although the site is down at the moment). Wizard of Odds later advertised this group and had to resolve a similar problem with a player. Ask him what the situation was with that player. It is probably a similar story but it was sorted out in favour of the player. There is no reason to disallow these games in the terms unless they want to trick players.
  3. spearmaster

    spearmaster RIP Ted

    Caribbean Stud is certainly acceptable. If you really have not fulfilled your requirements, that's one thing, but if they say you met your requirements that's another thing entirely.

    If you pitched a bitch I'll let Bryan handle that - if not send me your details and copies of those emails and I will look into it for you.
  4. jetset

    jetset Ueber Meister CAG

    I'm getting really worried about Playtech powered casinos these days - they seem to be pulling all sorts of strange stunts and there have been many critical comments regarding the inefficiency of their centralized Support (Vegas Red etc etc etc) Playtech themselves are also not the most communicative.

    This certainly doesn't sound right or fair to me but If you've pitched a bitch I'm sure Bryan will sort it for you - and Spear is there for you as well.

    Good luck!
  5. jimmylindholm

    jimmylindholm Dormant account

    ihave pitced a bitch and hope that something will happen!

    i have a lot of mail saved ,but those only shows that i asks them what they are doing!
    the online chathistory are saved what i can find out on there website! then there shoul be no problem to solve this sinse i used chat-support to find out that i had only 780 usd left to wager and after that it shoul be very easy to prove that i wagered enough!
    i had played a lots of hands with the game "casino war" highest card wins. and bettet 300 usd each time..
    aldso bet maximum on stud poker many times 100 in ante & 200 to call..
    there is nothing in there terms and conditions saying that i cant play rouleette,win 1000 & lose 800 in any allowed game and finaly cash out 200..
    and certanly not clear my account..
    regards jimmy
  6. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Administrator Staff Member

    Hi jimmylindholm,

    And welcome to the forum. Actually, this was dealt with last week and you should have heard something back from the casino. I'll double check to see what's up.
  7. jimmylindholm

    jimmylindholm Dormant account

    they havent contackted me by mail anyway! im checking it several times every day..
    but im not surprised not hearing from them.. :(
  8. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Jimmy,

    The casino has explained this to me, and the problem is that you kept betting on the wrong games while expecting this to apply to your wagering requirements. This is what they've explained to me:

    The player deposited $100 and received $100.

    He played Blackjack at first which is not in accordance with our terms and won a little.

    He then deposited again a few days later and received another bonus. This bonus allowed him to play Blackjack.

    The next time he played which was a few days later he continued playing Blackjack and Roulette along with some Caribbean poker and slots.

    He was told by online support that he played in excluded games but since he was new we would allow him to wager in allowed games until he satisfied the wagering the amount was about $780 required.

    He has not yet satisfied the first deposit bonus terms but we were happy to allow him to play on allowed games. He was told Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Craps were excluded.

    He then went on to play some Blackjack Switch and a bit more Caribbean poker and some slots. However each time he lost a little he would replenish his account with some sizeable even shot bets on Roulette and play some Blackjack. He was basically interspersing his games with Roulette and Blackjack, perhaps hoping it would go unnoticed within his allowed game play.

    He then continued playing big even shots on Roulette in later sessions until he finished on $21000.

    We have checked at least a half a dozen times with the auditing dept to see whether there was any way we have made any kind of mistake in calculating his account wagering as I wanted to be 110% clear that the action we were taking was justified. We sympathies with him as it is very unpleasant situation. We did our utmost to try and help him at first, but he did not listen and at the end of the day we could nothing more for him.
  9. jimmylindholm

    jimmylindholm Dormant account

    thats not exactly correct!
    made a deposit of 100 got bonus of 100 usd lost all & ten minutes after that !,not a few days !!
    deposited another 100 and got a bonus of 25 usd..
    got in response that there still is 780 to wager in allowed games!
    to meet wager requirements!,nothing else wa said about playing roulette!
    did not boost up my account playing even shots on roulette..

    sure i played on colors many times winning and losing about equal amounts but my winnnings came when i hit a plain number!
    4-6 times !
    Winning 3-4, thousand each time..

    just because i recived a bonus of 25 dollars on my last deposit they will remove all winings on games that are not allowed in wagering requirements?
    i lost many times more on allowed games..
    Still they told me on phone i met the requirements and would having no problems to cash out now!,then i had about 2000 on account when that call was made!,just a day or to after onlinesupport tells me there is 780 left to wager..

    it would be easy to solve by just looking om my gameshistory after that online-chat session if i wagerd enough or not..

    If that would be the case i wouldnt be so upset with their behaviour
    theres no problems for me understand why they have their regulations for bonuses and wager requirements..
    but not why i cant play as much as i want to on the games i wanted to play win some money and wager enough on allowed games!

    The regulations are if im correct ,to stop frauders to deposit 100 usd and go straight to the cashiere making a withdrawal of 125 usd without intentions to play at their casino..

    and not to scam new players
    i have reading their terms and conditions many times sfter this incident and cant that winning on not/allowed games may be voided if wagering is not fulfilled!
    nothing about
    iex win 1000 on roulette losing 800 in a alowed game & finaly cashing out 200..
    plz bryan is there any way for you to check my game history after my onlinechat where it was stated that only 780 was left to wager,,
    it sholdnt take many seconds to se that i did that after that message

    regards jimmy
  10. jimmylindholm

    jimmylindholm Dormant account

    i have now mailed to them asking to send me copies of my chathistory and gamehistory,
    but they ignore my request, doesnt even comments it!! ,only refereing to that i have been trying to wager on a game wich not counts towards wageringrequirements..
    i now it doesnt count towards wagering ,thats why i fulfilled my wagering on allowed games,

    they cant be meaning that if you recive any bonus of any kind!, you will not be able to win even if you wager on a allowed game???

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