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I somehow stumbled upon this RTG casino yesterday, the site is very well done and they offer a nice bonus. When you leave the casino to go to another page u get a exit popup taking u to casino Extreeme. Like casino extreeme these guys don't offer phone numbers to call them just email.

wondering if any of u guys know anything about this casino.
Its owned by CasinoExtreme. Players are posting that they are stealing winnings and revoking bonuses AFTER you play cause you show up on a list of alledged bonus abusers. You should avoid this place, and Extreme at all costs.
I agree with DonGambler.

It used to be this casino would lock the accounts of bonus hunters but would still pay these players as long as they abided by the terms/conditions. I've always said all along that there was nothing wrong with this, as a casino can pick and choose its clientel.

HOWEVER - Recently CasinoExtreme has pulled a Golden Palace on certain players. They are not to be trusted any more.
I encourage any OPA members who have had any problems with Casino Extreme or Casino Heat to file an OPA complaint, and to refrain from posting on public message boards, to give the OPA a chance to get involved in this.

Casino Extreme is an OPA member casino, and to be honest the OPA can't go slamming a member casino based on message board postings.

If, in fact, the casino has a policy of denying winnings after wagering has been accepted and conducted, we will do what we can to dissuade them from this practice and get winnings for players.

The OPA put Vegas Strip on the Not Recommended List for this practice.

At this point in time, without OPA member complaints in hand, we cannot open a dialog with the casino. When members take their complaints to the public message boards, it gives the casino an excuse not to pay and it locks them into a defensive stance. This much reduces the chances of the OPA to get a change in casino policy and to recover money for players.

We are also attempting to work with software manufacturers to design their software such that if they are going to screen players, they do it at the registration or deposit stage, so that it is fairly applied.
Isn't Casino Extreme on the OPA recommended list? The description was that it was an "excellent casino", so by logical induction, wouldnt a sister of an excellent casino be at least somewhat excellent?.......
Hi Sleepyhead,

For now, I would wait and see what happens over the next few days concerning these casinos. I'm sure that these problems will be solved one way or another. As mentioned by OPA Mary, if any OPA members have legitimate complaints with these casinos, the players need to lodge their complaints with the OPA so that the OPA has the sufficient ammo to do anything about it.

The OPA has been monitoring this situation and is aware of everything that has been recently brought to light.

To ALL...

To even up the score in the interests of fairness...Casino Heat.

Lively with email reply.

Paid my winnings direct to PayPal in 5 days..

Oh,and by the way,what would i know?...Hold fire 'till you're given the green light.Don't even think of taking my word for it ..Amanda.

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