Casinofortune owes me 14K


Dormant account
Oct 8, 2006
Antalya Turkey
I have been playing there during February 2006

I won 20,000 US, they paid $6000 and stopped paying .

They don't answer to email, they don't pay.
Sorry, what do you mean by saying details ?

They stopped paying and silence from them.

They don't answer to dozens of email, they promise in the live chat to transfer it to the right dept. They don't pay, simple as that.

It seems they continue business as usual without paying.

Why to be worried as a casino if Playtech does nothing and portal continue to work with them.
I remeber I saw their advertisement at onlinegambling Magazine, this advertisement probably cost them fortune but they do not play me.

I played their signup bonus. I played risky and got to that balance on their tables trusting them and the software provider.

I remember that when Grand Banks and African Palace did not pay there was a big mess but no one care about them not paying tones to owed players.

Only the Casinomeister rogued them according to what I know.
You won $20k in february and till today they have just paid you $6k. That sucks. What games did you play and were there any game restrictions in the bonus terms? Do you happen to have a copy of the terms & conditions?

I suggest that you pitch-a-bitch and give all the details to Casinomeister and he might he able to help you out. Your message was quite short so more details are probably needed.
I complied with the terms and wagering, this is why they started to pay the 2000 a month payment.

They stopped probably from financial reasons to pay while they continue their business not paying.

I pitched a bitch, the CM said they don't answer to his emails, so I guess he can not help.

I am looking for an affiliate or portal that can affect them to pay
The Sunny Group was rogued last month, and I don't bother to email them any more since they don't have the courtesy to reply.
What about the livechat on the websites or phone? I guess they will be of no help, just wondering if anyone tried those to contact the casino?


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