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hi to every happy gamer out there , i wonder if anyone have some experience of casinofloor and why is it not accredited ?


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I did make a deposit there and the slots were absolutely cold

Maybe because they are very new i think and don't have a very extensive range of players yet and have not applied for accredition but they could also come out to be rogue and shady

But they do offer good deposit bonuses

Wasn't in a position to make a withdrawal or something so can't give u anymore information


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Yeah, well 3% deposit fee, max win of €5k on the bonus as well as a low maxbet.. some of the reasons why I don't think they should be accredited.


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I gave them a try because of a pretty nice SUB. They had a nice selection of games and everything, but I'd still say stay away just because of their chat host. It was lady named Isabelle, who didn't even care to write properly. I asked her to atleast show me the respect to use capital letters in her sentences and she just said "i write how i feel like". And she was a bit rude after that.

I also had some problems with some lagging, and asked to talk to a manger. Then she claimed that she was the boss of the whole operation. I dunno if casinofloor is a one man operation or what, but I find it kind of weird that the manager of it sits at 10pm a Saturday evening answering the live chat.


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The absolute rudest CS person I have ever talked to. Isabelle.

She just quit the chat when she felt like it. We did not argue at all. I was asking about their loyalty bonuses and
cashback etc. Her attitude was just terrible!

Seriously STAY AWAY!


Don`t want people like these guys getting business!


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Second deposit is 250xB on Slots. Seriously, who would play there apart from the naive? It is just a trap for uneducated players to lose their deposits.

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