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Apr 30, 2004
They offer a $20 deposit bonus that says if you lose all the money they will refund it at no cost. Perfect time for my double or nothing 5 in-a-row winning streak. :D They also boast instant transfers to neteller, but you have to remind them. Also no docs or faxes unless you deposit by creditcard.

Careful! I think they are on the meister's rogue list.
Yeah they are, I should have looked first... But the offer was way too good to pass up and they made good on thier 'instant' payment.


PS Does anyone know why they are on various ban lists?
Are there anymore casino's out there that will refund your first deposit if you loose? I made over $250 on this site and its 2 sister sites. All instant withdraws too(after requesting by e-mail).

Well, I tried this Casino despite the "not recommended" from Casinomeister. I figured that was 2 years ago and the violation wasn't so bad.

I cashed out a small amount (under $100), and the cashout to Neteller was indeed instant, no faxback or ID requirements, and I didn't have to e-mail anyone, just used the cashier interface.
Their violation is only for emailing people promoting bonus but who were not
qualified to get the bonus. So those people deposited, went through the WR
only to find out that they couldn't profit from their play.

It is not nearly as bad as if they were caught cheating or not paying.

I played there and came out with a profit!
My friend played their about a month ago before they changed the sign up bonus terms. They paid her winnings but would not pay her the bonus eventhough she played by their terms and met the wagering requirements. She pitched a bitch with casino meister but he could not help. They are still rouge using the bonus abuse/we pay when we want to pay plan,
There bonus now is a money back gaurentee if you lose you initial deposit of $20. I have profited steady in the past coulple days at 2 out of 3 of ther casinos and with a prompt withdraw.

Are there any other casinos that offer a bonus like this with NO strings attached?


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