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Sep 29, 2003
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Has anyone else gotten telephone calls from "Chris" of

The conversation begins with a very pleasant south african accented voice, "Hello Kevin, this is Chris from Casino <pause> Casino How are you today? Do you play at casino online, Kevin? Wonderful....Great....What games do you like to play, Kevin?

...I could recite the rest because he has called me more than FIVE TIMES with the same pitch. It sounds as though he's calling me from his cellphone because there is always a bunch of wind noise.

He will eventually ask you to sit in front of your computer from which I suspect that I would be walked through the signup process, etc...

I became suspicious because after a little bit of back and forth, he offered me a 300% match bonus with absolutely no playthrough requirements! Wow! What a fantastic offer. :rolleyes:

So after a bit of research, I confirmed that this is the Virtual casino group. "Chris" passed me off to his supervisor who chuckled when he confirmed this to be true.

After reading this, and paying particular attention to the player who made the mistake of stopping off at their office while in Costa Rica and being smacked around by their goon squad, I thought that I'd just leave it alone.

Problem is, they won't leave me alone. They keep calling me. At least seven times now, twice today after I asked him to stop. No big deal really, I just hang up now, but I am just curious who else has heard from Chris?

Oh, I forgot. The best part is that Chris informed me that is well known as the best site on the net for online casino players. He was suprised that I'd never heard of it. :rolleyes:

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Feb 10, 2010
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Christoper D'angelo and friends

I get a million calls from different people trying to get me to deposit into the Virtual Casinos...I told them numerous times to take me off of their list, but without fail, good ole Christoper D'angelo calls EVERYDAY! Then recently I get a call from a woman named Suzie from saying that if I deposit into Captain Jack Casino blah blah blah..I just hang up on them, but they are relentless.:eek2:


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Dec 2, 2006
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If I would marry chris, he would probably leave me alone....the only problem is....I like women:D


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Apr 2, 2007
I was always wondering why they don't call ME :confused:
Maybe because the cheapest call to Belarus will be about $0,27 per minute? :D