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Jun 6, 2020
I was playing at casinochan and received a 1st deposit bonus of $250. As per the general bonus terms 1.16 which state:
The maximum bet with an active bonus is 5 CAD, 5 AUD, 5 EUR. (Unless stated otherwise in special terms for the bonus). Purchasing any game features (including but not limited to 'respin') will add to your bet amount. If the player exceeds the maximum bet when the bonus is active, CasinoChan reserves the right to confiscate the winnings.
I was betting over this limit from my first bet based on the following clause in the terms and conditions I agreed to upon registration 1.15 which states:
Placing bets exceeding the specified limit, the player thus confirms that he/she rejects the bonus and the winning received due to such bonus. The bonus will be withdrawn without the right to recover it.
Under this the second I placed my first bet of $10 CAD I rejected the bonus and therefore was not bound to rule above in 1.16 of the general bonus terms. Also under the general bonus terms 1.14 it states:
The real money balance is used first when betting. All the bets made by a player are deducted from it. However, in cases when there is no real money balance, the player's bonus balance is used to deduct the bets placed
To me this means until I went through the initial deposit of $725 CAD I was never playing with bonus money. I never once went below the $725 CAD. Also in discussion with casinochans customer service they will neither acknowledge or dispute the clause I provided from the terms and conditions 1.15. I believe that casinochan is blatantly ignoring their own terms and conditions and sticking to the ones that benefit them. I lost $14000 CAD, all attempts to work with them have failed

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May 22, 2012
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Please read the rules here and do not post external links to other sites/forums etc. I have retained the gist of the post which you typed and is perfectly adequate for your complaint or query. I also deleted 2 further identical posts to this that you tried to make - you are in pre-moderation as a newbie so that's why they don't appear immediately! Thanks!

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