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Mar 19, 2010
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Hey Guys I made this for pandragon but I thought I might as well share it in case anybody else wants to stick it on there websites under a free games thing.

Basically the idea was to have a fun way of displaying the casinos bonus offers and put up either exclusive deals or free little random goodies for loyal visitors. I don't have any exclusive bonuses so I figured this could be better use for others who do have more exclusive bonuses :)

it took 21 hours to figure out how to get the wheel spinning randomly so i'm asking for a link in exchange for the full resource download file.

The file includes:
-> Flash source file CS4
-> xml settings( change panel colours, affiliate links amounts descriptions, logos)
-> instructions

It's all xml driven so all you need to do is change xml paths for content and open up flash file and first line of code change the absolute url path to your website path.

Just putting it out there in case anyone wants it! you can see it in action here:Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

The url to get the flash game Free for link exchange is setup here: Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) (yeah i know crap looking page but it's just for throwing the resources up there for people to use :oops: )

I just thought this might be fun to have on a site if your finding it hard to fill your site - also I saw that other companies charge wheels like this for $200 bucks so i thought that was a rip off so if you wanted you can download mine and put all your casino partners on the wheel.

But if you are doing link exchange - you need to post the link somewhere on your site anywhere doesn't matter just want little small credit somewhere - and then paste where you linked it into the download form because I've set it up so that it checks that you've linked back from your site :)

Also to moderators - I wasn't sure where to post this in the webmaster forum so if it's in the wrong place I'm very sorry.

Attached an optimized version of the instructions that come with it so you can have a look at that before you decide to exchange link for the files.

Also regarding link exchange for the file - you can put it on your secondary blog doesn't have to be your main site, I know you won't want to lose link juice so it will be better for you if you use one of your side sites to exchange. I'm not at all fussy as long as it's your own site.

Hope you can like it - ask the casino affiliates to give you really nice deals to go on it!

ALSO since in design section can you check out the website? Is it TOO orange? Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) Also what do you think of forums? I've only just put the forums in this month I'm not convinced yet. I've only just started properly doing the keywords/content on the site and exhuming it from the depths. I haven't tried to link exchange but I'm exploring the forums to find out some more about gaining popularity.

I've been looking around for someone to partner with to help with me with updating the site as I have 13 other affiliate sites I'm working on to fund the pandragon revamp. I'm managing to update everyday but I think another partner would help. so if anyone knows where to find legitimate helpers/partners I'm keen.
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