Casinoblasters casinos: Still trustworthy?


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Jul 24, 2006
Sorry if this has been asked before. I just did a search on it and it only came up with 5 threads (and 4 of them were from 2005).

Do they still accept US players? I just talked with them a little bit ago, and the guy said yes, but I thought I'd ask those "in the know" first. :)

And there haven't been any accounts of them going rogue or anything like that, right?

One of my friends started getting interested in playing online after seeing me play, and many casinos are now no longer accepting US players so to hear one that still does was music to my ears. Of course, if they don't pay...that can turn to a screeching banchee pretty quickly.

Thanks a bunch for y'all's insights. They're invaluable.

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