Casinobar dealing rigged Blackjack according to Wizard of Odds


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Dec 12, 2000
Casino Bar has long been suspected of dealing a rigged game. Writes The Wizard, "It would be 2976 times easier to win the power ball with one ticket than to have results this bad in a fair game."

Casino On Air uses the same software. At various times in the past, Casino Bar has claimed their software was the "iWorlds Internet Casino System" or written by C.O.A World Entertainment Ltd.

Iworlds no longer has a corporate web url, but other casinos claiming to run Iworld software are Martian Casino, and

Details at Old / Expired Link
Yes and there have been several deveolopments since. the Wizard has agreed to take his results down while COA has the chance to refute his findings. They will be reporting their findings on Thursday (the 13th) which will be posted. The "wiz" has agreed to afford them an apology if he is found to be in error, but if he is not at error he will stand by his findings.

Hi report showed that COA's Blackjack game was faulty. But he only played at Casinobar and not at any of the casinos that run the same software.

You can read about my email exchanges with COA's lawyers as well here:

The Wiz, Gamemaster, and are not the only ones to gather evidence against Casino Bar:

I am a nuclear engineering graduate student at MIT. I currently hold a B.S. in nuclear engineering with a minor in mathematics. I study probability theory and its applications to risk management at nuclear reactors. I also study casino games and statistics as a hobby.

Casino Bar

For 130 hands, my bust frequency is 63.8%, while dealer's is 14.7%. The likelyhood is 1/100,000,000,000,000,000.

I started keeping track of how often I and the dealer bust. But, you must remember that, in Blackjack, the player automatically loses when she busts, so the dealer does not have to draw any more cards (and potentially bust). Therefore, the player will bust more often than the dealer, simply because she is in the position to bust more often than the dealer. So, in keeping track of these, I also had to keep track of how often I and the dealer were in the position to bust.

I was in a position to bust when I had a hard 12 through 16, and the Basic Strategy called for me to hit. The dealer was in a position to bust when I had not busted and he had a hard 12 through 16. Even though the dealer is put in such a position less often than the player (because the player busts first), the dealer should bust with the same likelihood as the player. In other words, the fraction of times the dealer busts when he is in a position to bust should be, on average, exactly the same as the fraction of times the player busts when she is in a position to bust. In other words, our "bust frequency" should be approximately the same.

--------- Busted ----- Didn't Bust ----- Bust Frequency
Me ----- 83 times ----- 47 times ----- 63.8%
Dealer ----- 19 times ----- 110 times ----- 14.7%

Clearly, the bust frequencies are very different. Interestingly enough, almost every card that "busted" me was a "10" card, even though "10" cards only make up about 31% of a deck. If only I could describe to you my frustration upon seeing the dealer turn each 6 up-card into a nice 20 or 21, ALMOST EVERY TIME. As shown above, the likelihood for this to occur naturally (and fairly) is about 1 in 100,000,000,000,000,000. If you could play one hand of blackjack a second, it would take you five BILLION years to come across 130 consecutive games that had the above bust frequency for the dealer and player.

As a sidenote, of the 15 times that I doubled down, I only received a "10" card twice. (My expectation was between 4 and 5.) This could have been due to regular statistical fluctuations. But, we already know that Casino Bar's software cheats, so it wouldn't surprise us to know that the software specifically suppressed "10" cards whenever a player double downs.

Casino Bar is owned and Operated by COA Enterprises. They operate several other casinos, and I have listed several below that are thought to be sisters to Casino Bar. (The list may increase with reports from readers.) Again, I do not know if these casinos cheat. However, as they are owned/operated by proven cheaters, it would be wise to keep your distance.

Casinos that may be sisters to Casino Bar

Casino On Air Java Casino
Casino 2000 Go Win Casino

To read this report, plus view discussions on Casino Bar go to:
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