Bonus Complaint Casino848 been holding my winnings for months!!!!


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Mar 12, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Was after a bit of advise. I Played at casino848 a while ago now. When depositing was automatically given a bonus of 200. With this 200 there is a wagering requirement you have to meet before withdrawing. This is something i eventually meet.

Once i withdrew the money the problem starts. They firstly asked me to supply the with my I.d. and a proof of address. This was sent via email then after a while they asked me to notarize the I.D. and bill. I did this at a local post office. They check the I.D. and bill then stamp it to say that it has been notarized. This was obviously sent to them. Shorty after I received email say I had abuse the casino and they refunded my account with my deposit and that was it,

After endless email they have not come back to me with a proper reason.

Is there anyone I can contact or even any advise would be great.




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Dec 28, 2010

Hello you,

Casino848 is a Cassava casino. Cassava does not (to my knowledge) have a rep on this forum. Or they actually have one who registered here in March but he went missing only after some days and has not been logged in since. But anyway, you may want to contact Rachel888 here from 888. She can probably not help you with your case (since this is out of her jurisdiction), but she may know who you can contact.


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Oct 14, 2004
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Yet again we have a Cassava white label accusing a player of "abuse" after they ran out of time over the stalling tactic of documents being "poor".

They got the notarised documents, so could no longer justify calling them "fake", so moved on to the next excuse, "abuse". and Reef Club became accredited for a short while, but this was not popular among many members here because of all these issues. We were assured they were "in the past", and that things had changed. It turned out they hadn't, and Cassava was eventually pulled from the list over it's dodgy marketing tactics, which were clearly "business as usual" rather than "in the past". Cassava themselves claimed to have no say over what the white labels did, yet Cassava were largely calling the shots, and supplying these white labels with data from other white labels, and the main brands, in order that all Cassava players could cross market.

In short, the marketing set up was INTENDED to get individual players to sign up at as many Cassava branded casinos as possible, yet should they WIN, they have "abused the casino" and have their win confiscated and deposit refunded.

The pull from accreditation was after the rep stated that management saw no problem with their marketing, and thus had no intent to make further changes to their heavily criticised strategy.

To me, it looks like they "pulled the wool" in order to get accreditation, but eventually got caught red handed engaging in the same dodgy business practices that they had promised were "a thing of the past".

I would bet that the OP was lured in by aggressive marketing, else how would they find out about such an obscure white label casino in the first place. This marketing would have been misleading, as it would NOT have made mention of any specific restrictions on whether a player was eligible for the bonus. What probably happened is that the OP was NOT eligible for the bonus, but this was ONLY checked upon withdrawal. They were happy to give the bonus on the deposit, and would have been equally happy to keep it had the player not won.


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Aug 25, 2004
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Is there anyone I can contact or even any advise would be great.

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Jan 20, 2004
FTR the OP has filed a PAB on this but things aren't looking good. To begin with she neglected to mention that the issue was over a year old and that she hasn't contacted the casino since the beginning. Then she said she hadn't posted here or PAB'd because she "didn't know about it". Check her sign-on date: March 2011. That's a long time to go without noticing that CM had forums.

I'm still in communication with her but she'll have to start dealing straight with us or it's going to be "game over".

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