Mary Rubino

Can someone please tell me if the online for free casino4fun is legit. My name is posted 3 times as a winner totaling $1075.The rules state that the winner is notified withing 24 hrs. I have yet to receive any notification and any email I send isn't answered.
I emailed Casino4fun on 8 December to inquire about Mary Rubino's winnings. It's now the 11th and still no response.
Thanks Bryan for the help. I made several inquiries into this matter.I finally received a call from the so-called owner of the company. It wasn't the person listed on the fact sheet that I found in a whois query. He tried to reassure me that the site is legit.He also said my check would be received by this coming Wed. The site has been shut down till Dec.25th. The only explanation on the site is that it was due to overwhelming traffic. I'm not holding my breath about getting my winnings. It seems odd to me that there were several repeat big winners on a site that was overwhelmed with traffic. The site still has a winner's list posted so my name and all other supposed winners are still advertising for this site.
I have complained in the past about a site called This site held a free to play for real cash prizes back in Nov.98. I won cash prizes totalling $1075. I was never paid.I wrote several emails. The owner of the site actually called me at home once to assure me that the check was in the mail. All emails are ignored. The site has been shut down since Dec. The message says it was to open Jan.1,1999. I've heard from other cash winners. None have been paid.I believe they've reopened under another name. Please tell me if there's anything I can do about this.
I have written several msgs. about casino4fun. I want to report that I finally received my check. It was sent in a hand addressed envelope from Akron,Oh. The check was written on W.I bank. Anyone else have any dealings with them? I guess I'm being a little paranoid but, because of all the trouble I had collecting the money I'm leary that it might bounce. It came at a time when I really needed so I took a chance and,cashed it. I hope I didn't make a mistake.
I've received hand written checks from several casinos also. I too am surprised at this. on the other hand uses Crptologic which issues nice corporate type checks. However if the checks don't bounce which mine never have, who cares if they are hand written!
Alex-Last I heard they were gonna re-open with new owners. I think they are open now. :)
I am new at playimg in the online casino's and i'm sure there are some good one's out there ,but iv'e yet to play at one and have spent a pretty pennie trying to find one your money goes up and down like a yo-yo till it's all gone.I also play at live casino's have have a ball at least I don't feel like I have been cheated don't get me wrong like I said Iv'e yet to find a online casino that I'm willing to stick with and i have played at about 20 or 25 of them,so if any one at this forum does know one that seems to be on the up and up please tell.
In Answer to your question I myself have yet to find an online casino that really pays out good and now I'm so dishearted that I've quit playing at them.
Many of them are on the up and up - a number of good review sites will list which ones and why, including this one.

I run a site myself, so I have to troll through a ton of casinos, decide which ones to play at (and risk real money, can't write an objective review using play money) and then wait and see how payment is made, how quick support is to respond, and other things like that.

Speaking of which the River Belle is totally unresponsive to any requests, including affiliate and tech support. Bryan, the Captain said he might change the company he outsources to, do you have any news on this? His affiliates program is on the verge of moving onto my "Not Recommended" list.

Good payouts only count if you're willing to spend a lot of time at them. By this I refer to chasing things such as a royal flush on video poker. What I would be more concerned with is how timely the payout process is.
Hi Spearmaster,

Unfortunately, the "Captain" does not monitor this site as he should since so many comments have been made concerning his casino. I have no idea what he's up to.

My last email from him arrived yesterday, so I doubt they've gone silent.

This person purports to be the Captain. See if you can raise his attention again, would you? I'd love to know if there's been a shake-up - no support for ages then suddenly the emails appear with the old sign-off "E&O.E." that some other casinos have on theirs - which may indicate that some change has been made.

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