Casino4aces got me real good!


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Jul 21, 2004
Well guess it was just a matter of time, but until now have been able to avoid such rogue sites. I knew fully well about Casino Bar as research proved them to not be a rational choice. The problem lies in the fact that being a html only player it really narrows down the casinos can play, so I took a chance with Casino4aces. Excellent bonuses to start up with them,
and Blackjack competitions (my favorite game). What has occurred is such a nightmare that fear it will
start it all over again just mentioning it, I will keep it short. They failed to give my bonus during
a competition that lasted two days, and only after the competition was a couple of hours from ending did they manage to credit it to my account, after about 5 or 6 frantic emails to them (they dont have a phone number). I managed a 7th place finish which entitled me to 100. in which I would be emailed as soon as the competition ended. Well, I havent heard from them, with the exception of the marketing department inviting me to another competition...arghhh!
I have emailed them, and emailed them, and emailed them.... oh well... so much for the 100. win....
then I searched for info on them (although it was a bit late) and found out here at Casinomeister in the forum that Casino Bar and Casino4aces have the same server??? Well after having a mini break down for ending up in such a situation, I would really like to know what Casinomeister would recommend for no download/html players. I am too scared to take any more chances out here in webland! I currently am also
at Slotland, which has never been a problem, but really would like access to more games without getting ripped off.
Hi jjjamms,

Sorry to hear of your misfortune. There is not much anyone can do. If this was for more $$$, you could have a couple of Cyprus lawyers take care of this for you, but $100 would not be worth it.

As for non-downloads, just about every Microgaming casino has a non-download version. Lasseters is non-downloadable as well. These can be found here:

Other non-downloadable casinos that are not listed here are "Casino Domain" and "Cherry Casino". These have pretty good reps.

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