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Dormant account
May 6, 2005
San Diego
i didnt know they were in rogue , until i just became a waiting on them forever, has anyone played here and ever recieved their money?

I can't tell you about recent history, but I was paid by them a couple times. This was over a year ago.

HOWEVER, about a month after I closed my bank account (thank goodness) I got an email that a $250 debit attempt on my account (debit card/Mastercard attached to my bank account) had failed. So I emailed them a WTF? letter and the CS rep said, "so what, it didn't go through."

I told them to close all my accounts.

BTW the Casino1x2 was who I was paid by, Internet1x2 (who I wasn't even aware I had an account with) was who tried to zap my debit card for $250.

Wow no way am I playing here. Thank goodness for forums like this and people telling their stories. :thumbsup:

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