casino1x2 - are they still in business?


Dormant account
Sep 19, 2004
I played at this casino at the beginning of September, just before Casinomeister put up his warning. I cashed out about 6 weeks ago, and haven't heard anything from them. I call, they don't answer. I email, they don't answer. I use their live chat, nobody is there. It's as if they just don't exist anymore. Of course, their web site is still up, so they can take your money, they just seem to have no inclination to pay you if you win. DO NOT deposit any money with this casino.
[ organization ] Net Games Inc
[ domain ]
[ country ] Belize
[ current status ] Valid
[ valid from ] 2004.05.28
[ valid until ] 2006.06.06

This is their Thawte ID tag. Maybe try and get hold of Net Games Inc. Directly....
No one seems to be home.............

I won a contest on a gambling forum over a year ago at Casino 1x2. I got very lucky, taking the initial $45.00 I won and turning it into over $350.00.

At that time ..I had no problem reaching live help and was told the limit I could withdrawl was only $100.00 because I had played on promo money... so I kept playing for fun with the additional $250.00 since it could not be withdrawn anyway.

Not a big fan of that site and finding it rather boring..I occassionally signed on for small amount of times to wager my balance that was over $100.00 off a bit at a time.

Finally I had bet that $300.00 + down to about $120.00. Then.. as Murphy's Law will always seem to strike.....I hit a jackpot on The Big Hit in nickels for over $395.00 and had to begin to play that off as well!

I saw Bryan's warning , signed in and got my account back to $115.10 and finally decided to take out my $100.00. (even though their account balance checker they have while you are playing claims I am eligible to withdrawl the entire $115.10. )

I went to live one is available.

I called the still advertised 24/7 toll-free number to try and get my wd started and keep getting constant busy signals.

SO I imagine no one is home.

I find it ODD the site is still playable however...............

Also..odd that to deposit you only need to click a button. However to withdraw..they seem to want your life story????

Should I email them for a bank check (since to go through Neteller they want way too much info for me) or just assume that money is gone forever?
These guys are dust.

Good luck in getting anything out of them.

I've been warning about these guys for months. I have no idea what causes people to throw money at them....
Thanks Bryan

I NEVER deposited with them ( I won on bonus money).. so I shall consider myself lucky then.

My only error was in NOT taking the $100.00 I did win and COULD have w/d out right away last year when I could.

Since they are out of business (as far as paying out anything) how can they STILL continue to accept deposits and have the site up and running?

Is that NOT illegal somehow?

Just curious............

Many thanks for your wonderful forum........

lyoncub said:
...Since they are out of business (as far as paying out anything) how can they STILL continue to accept deposits and have the site up and running?

Is that NOT illegal somehow?
Do I need to answer that? :D
Not if you do not want to........ you can see I am not a heavy casino player. I won the money in a gaming contest and barely since it was NOT my money to begin is not a big loss on my part.

However..the fact that a casino continues to accept deposits and have the website up and running when they are obviously out of business seems rather ominous to me.

What is to prevent ANY casino from doing the same thing? :confused:

Makes me very wary of EVER depositing real money into any type of gambling endeavor.

Are there no checks and balances? No laws pertaining to this obvious fraudulent behavior?

It all seems extemely risky to me is I was curious.
They are oversea operations on some obscure remote islands and
teeny tiny countries of lawlessness! Good luck trying to find someone
to enforce the law!
lyoncub said:
...However..the fact that a casino continues to accept deposits and have the website up and running when they are obviously out of business seems rather ominous to me.

What is to prevent ANY casino from doing the same thing? :confused:

Makes me very wary of EVER depositing real money into any type of gambling endeavor.

Are there no checks and balances? No laws pertaining to this obvious fraudulent behavior?

It all seems extemely risky to me is I was curious.
Sorry, lyoncub,

No need to apologize, sometimes I assume players know a few things. I welcome post like yours since it gives us a chance to relook at the basics.

This industry is highly unregulated and will probably remain so for the next couple of years. So in essence it is self regulated. How? By software providers who monitor and "regulate" their licensees, by grass roots movements like message boards and high profile portal operators, and by companies like eCogra which hold casino operations to a certain set of standards.

Choosing an online casino, and to reamain in safe confortable hands takes a bit of homework doing on the players' part. They should take care in finding out whatever they can about a casino operation before making a deposit. Unfortunately, this industry thrives off of spontaneous buys of FREE CASH!! etc. which supercedes common sense of doing a little pre-emtive investigative work.

It is risky. That's why they call it gambling :D But in large groups you are in safe hands. Check out the casinos that are promoted by some of the bigger portals or casino information sites - this one, winneronline, gonegambling, got2bet, wizard-of-odds, etc., and see who they are promoting. These portal operators are concerned about this industry as much as I am and will make their sponsored casinos go through a litmus test of some sort. You are in safe hands about 99% of the time with these people.
Lest we forget, reputable casino operators are just as concerned as players are about providing safe fun play. This is their business and industry and grimace every time it is tainted by the likes of casinos like casino1x2 (what a stupid name by the way).

to accept deposits and have the website up and running when they are obviously out of business seems rather ominous to me.
The guy is in a state of denial. He needs deposits to pay any debt, but as far as I know he's probably operating out of his home and can't pay the rent anyway. But how would you know this without doing a few google searches? You wouldn't know. That's why player safety is still in the hands of the player.

And like I mention in the reputable section Avoid casinos "licensed" in Belize. I wish anyone luck in getting this third world Central American country (it's not an island btw) to do anything about casino1x2.

But how would you know they are in Belize? Research, ask questions, and watch your back.

Final note: as I implied, there are many good upstanding operations, and it is a shame when roguelike operations are allowed to take people's money. But this does not happen too often. I'm sure Ido is a really cool guy. He just can't get his shit together. And this happens mainly because the operators haven't a clue on how to run a casino and they run themselves into debt. It's not so much a criminal factor; it's too many people trying to get a piece of the pie.
Thanks Bryan

You're a doll!!! :p

Lots of great info you shared and it is much appreciated.

Incidentally I DID get an e-mail response back from Casino 1x2's live help dept when I left a message that reads...


Simply go to the my account section and click on withdrawal.

Type the amount and the payment option and the money is on its way.

I'll let you know if I get any money. ;) (Not holding my breath here.)

Who knows..perhaps he reads YOUR FORUM!!

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Out of curiosity I tried to call them and their line is always busy.They are a bunch of muppets. :xxx
Their live chat has been up for about a week now. Still dealing with a couple hundred withdrawal from Sept. Was told earlier that BJ didn't count for wagers but it's not mentioned in their T&C. Currently waiting from a response from accounting (told I would receive an email today).

I didn't search enough on them before playing as this could have been avoided.
I send them an email every day or two. Occasionaly they respond, saying they'll get back to me, but they have yet to pay me. This has been going on for months. At least with RTG casinos you can use Montana Overseas to force the casinos to pay. With these guys, I don't know if there's any recourse.
jogumon said:
... With these guys, I don't know if there's any recourse.
There is no recourse, and I have no idea why anyone is throwing any money at these guys. They have a cheesy website, a stupid name, they are located in Belize, they are "audited" by B.I.A.A., which claim is one of the leading global accounting firms. Yeah, right - they don't even have a website!

Knock knock - wake up! You ain't getting paid.

I have done countless reviews on these guys and have chased them enough times on getting a number of players paid. Only recently an Israeli player (who was owed about $10,000) was paid after waiting over a year. They've even held a player's payment at ransom stating they would pay him if I would remove them from the rouge list. What an operation - sheesh!
I deposited $1000 a few months ago before reading / being aware of all this.

I got my balance up to $1895 after meeting all wagering requirements.

I managed to withdraw about 1600 of it (the whole balance is shown as withdrawable in games lobby) back in October and am still waiting

I made my initial deposit via it possible to get my 1000 back through Neteller ?? :confused:

It sucks to lose 900 of winnings...but even more to lose my 1000 deposit as well

The reason might be that neteller doesnt know so well about these crooked organisations. I have had neteller to solve my complaint with a casino once. They concacted the casino , and the casino was forced to pay me. I only got my initial deposit back, but it was good enough, because neteller has no way to know about my winnings, it was like doing a charge back.
Actually this might be your best chance of getting even your own deposit back.

You could try if he still works there. He is PR / Investigations.
He helped me getting paid my deposit back, but not from this place. My withdrawal was with a different casino group, and different software.

largeeyes said:
Why do processors like Neteller and Moneybookers continue to allow processing of funds to these thieves? :what:
In most cases like these, I'll contact Neteller. I have a direct line of communication with their CEO, their European Division, and North America, so that's no problem.

But over the past couple of weeks, I've been contacted a couple of times by some of the casino reps stating that they want to resolve any outstanding issues. I haven't really had a chance to respond yet, but I'll be doing that today. If anyone has an outstanding issue with them, please contact me via the "Pitch a Bitch" section, and I'll give it top priority. Please spread the word. Thanks!
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Try posting here, but under the We Want To Know section:

Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

I was paid within 2 days. They advertise for 1x2, God knows why...
they finally paid me

Yesterday I decided to fire off another email to their accounts department, reminding them that I still had not been paid yet. Amazingly, today, the entire balance owed to me ($650) was deposited into my Neteller account. It took them 6 months, but they finallly did pay me. I still would never deposit another penny into this casino, and could never recommend that anyone else do so either.
casino 1x2

chip at all free chips is an affiliate who can help you.
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ive withdrawn about 3x succesfully but i called emailed and phoned for like 10 days to get paid each time. i wont play there anymore
Im still waiting for my cashout from September of last year :(

I had an encouraging email from after i 'pitched a bitch' in December who wanted my payment details and assured me payment would be made asap.

Since then response to emails no further communications :(

I am still owed $1895.50 which is a lot of money for me :(

Has anyone actually received payments from these guys recently ??

I had hoped they were trying to finally get their house in order

Below i post details of my case


Hi David

I am still waiting for this payment dating back several months now.

I haven't hear from you since 6th Jan

G Witherington

I'm still waiting for my cashout which after months of delay you promised me ASAP on Jan 6th

G Witherington

Hi David

I don't appear to have recieved this yet.

G Witherington

>From: "David" <>
>To: "Gerald Witherington" <>
>Subject: Re: Payment due
>Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 09:45:35 -0800
>Hi Gerald,
>Please give me your NETeller details and I will get this payment sent out to you right away!
>Manager, Net Games Affiliates
>----- Original Message -----
>From: "Gerald Witherington" <>
>To: <>
>Sent: Thursday, December 30, 2004 12:48 PM
>Subject: RE: Payment due
> >
> > Hi
> >
> > I made a withdrawal for $1657-50 back in October which has not yet been
> > honoured despite repeated emails and assurances from the support team on
> > live help
> >
> > I also have a balance of $238 which should be available for withdrawal (Your
> > balance is $238.00
> > Bonus is $0.00 Available for Withdrawal is $238.00 - is stated in 'Check
> > Balance' section in the games lobby) but the system will not let me withdraw
> > this - although i have gone way above and beyond any wagering requirements
> >
> > Thus, i am owed $1895.50. I would appreciate it if this is paid back to my
> > Neteller account asap
> >
> > regards
> > G Witherington
> >
> >
> > >From: "David" <>
> > >To: <>
> > >Subject: Payment due
> > >Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 14:40:07 -0800
> > >
> > >Hi Gerald,
> > >
> > >I would like to let you know that I have received information from
> > >Casinomeister that you have an unresolved issue with Casino1x2. I would
> > >like to apologize for the experience that you have had thus far with our
> > >casino. Please send me your banking details so that I can have a payment
> > >issued to you right away. I will make sure that it is handled immediately.
> > > Again, I am sorry again for the irresponsible actions of some former
> > >Casino1x2 associates, but I assure you that your issue will be resolved now
> > >that I have become aware of your situation. I hope to hear from you soon.
> > >
> > >Kind Regards,
> > >David
> > >
> >
> >

hey casinomeister,
do you still have those connections wth the neteller head guys
i made my deposit of 1000 via neteller into 1x2, sports bet and have not beed paid, im owed 4000!, please let me know if i can even get that back!

I saw on the Internet1x2 thread you have finally been paid after 8 months !!

Unfortunately after 10 months i am still waiting for my $1895 cashout.
Did they just suddenly pay one day ? or did you have to hassle them day after day ?? I got so tired of going to live chat for an hour every day every day and hearing the same lame excuses that 'accounts are in a meeting at the moment' etc etc


I pitched a bitch to you a few times on my situation...and i know your intervention started the ball rolling...with finally getting a response from David there...before he suddenly stopped answering emails and the promised 'asap payment' failed to materialise

I know you're a busy guy but i didnt hear from you when i asked you for an update...whats yr current advice ? Are u in any kind of contact with these guys at the moment about players non payments ?

Given Sam has been paid after 8 months i guess i should wait and hope :S Im tempted though to just go to Neteller and get my deposits back

hey witherg
they have been paying me an installments of 1000
they have made 3 and am still waiting for the last one
i contacted the accountant genie
try or
hopefully you get paid soon
from what i hear they pay, but sometimes they take a long time
i was starting to believe i would get nothing but im happy i have been getting paid
im still waiting for one payment of 1000 but im hoping it will come soon
it was supposed to be here about a week ago, but i haven't heard from them
hope that helps

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