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Sep 22, 2006
If you're visiting this thread it's probably because you're looking into putting some of your hard-earned e-currency into a High Yield Investment Program of some kind. Either that or you've already sent in some funds and haven't received any payments at all.

I thought it was time that somebody did some due diligence in this area so I asked my editor for $1000 to see if any of these operations were legitimate.

Over the years I've heard good and bad reports about these programs. Everything from doubling money in 4 hours to elaborate ponzi schemes that pay you back from other people's funding and then go broke. It was time to get to the bottom and find out the truth.

I immediately transferred the $1000 into my E-Gold account. My plan was to research 10 HYIP's and invest $100 into each one and monitor the results. This way I could take advantage of the #1 golden rule in HYIP investing.... Diversification. Then, if one HYIP goes broke, that leaves 9 others that continue to pay you. Sounds like a good plan in theory.

I used a rating site called Eat Me to choose the companies I would send my E-currency to. This way I could visit forums, read comments from other investors, study websites and generally have access to over 400 different High Interest Investment Plans in one place.

The websites that are used by these businesses are very professional looking (almost too slick). Something that disturbed me was how the funds got paid into these companies. Usually a small box with the E-Gold logo is available for you to conveniently insert the amount you want to invest. After you press submit you are taken to a familiar E-Gold spend page that looks totally authentic. You enter your account number and your personal security password. Click spend and you're done. This scared me right off the bat. How do you know that you aren't entering your confidential information into a "cloned" E-Gold site? That way the crooks could collect your information, access your account and not only steal your balance but even worse, pay you with YOUR OWN MONEY!

I played it safe and sent my funds from my own account to their account. I suggest you do the same and if you've already sent money the wrong way, go back and change your security passwords immediately.

I spent 4 days researching every HYIP I could find and when I was done I picked out the top 10 programs on the net. Payouts ranged from 3% to 22% daily. Some paid 37% weekly and others over 300% a month. All of the sites clearly offered no guarantee to the investor.

After 2 weeks of waiting and watching not one of these programs paid me any money. After numerous emails, phone calls and promises...I've received nothing.

In summary, be careful and stay away from this kind of fraudulent scheme. Let my loss be your gain.

After examining and testing hundreds of money-making opportunities and work at home programs, ONLY ONE brought in private egold solutions that covered all my monthly expenses.

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