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Nov 10, 2015
made a Deposit to them 21.10.2015 Old Attachment (Invalid)Old Attachment (Invalid)Old Attachment (Invalid)Old Attachment (Invalid), took the 200% bonus he spun me 820 Euro from I know it's a bonus and put on the withdrawal of 400 Euro , then went to check the docks and waited for output. the next day, withdrew$ 200 and unwound to 1700$ put one bet in blackjack (and that one by mistake, wanted to put 10 euros and put 110 did not know how to cancel) 1100. in a week I am told that my account is blocked all the money a lien in favor of the casino for cheating and my Deposit sent to me on the map. All the conditions of the bonus at the time of the bet has already been made, no other bonus offers of shares in the account was not. deposits will not be made other than the first.
here's the correspondence with your personal Manager today.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Anna'
Me: hi
Anna: Hello
Anna: welcome
Me: Anna you my personal Manager. my nickname ********
Anna: Yes, Hello Vladimir
Me: tell me, why my account was blocked, money from the account were seized.
Anna: I see that you have been denied your request o
Me: Yes, and yet at the same time blocked my account
Anna: the rates of more than 30%
Me: this is one of the bet in blackjack for € 110, and my money arrived at the conclusion
Anna: I asked why
Me: and????
Anna: waiting for a response from the Finance
Me: I'm just a fan of slot games, and there are very hard to bet more than 30% of the balance
Anna: it's the Manager's decision .. I can't unlock. but we have another casino you can zaregistrirovatsya, I will add you no Deposit bonus
Anna: can get 250% bonus on your first Deposit
Me: wait Anna , you withdrew the balance from my 1100 Euro for one not intentional bets, and if I understand correctly then the money which stood on the withdrawal also has been my balance. and it turns out that the rate of 110 euros is about 10% of my balance but
Me: not 30%
Anna: 30% it from your confirmation Deposit
Me: that is one bet you withdrew all my money except for the Deposit?
Me: I'm understanding you
Anna: Yes this is the solution finansov.. they are very strict with the rules
Me: I read your rules and these are rates, not rate. let them withdraw the winning amount or void the bet. your casino that is not loyal to its players?
Anna: I downloaded it but have little ksajeleniu whose moju going to share.. you can open an account in an Atlantic casino, I'll give you a good bonus
Me: I just lost are you and me predlagaete bonus in your casino group:)
Me: what would my polugodii winnings are also revoked, and you told me that is not what you can do:)
Withdrawal amount was supposed to be 1,100 euros


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KK is correct. You made one 'accidental' bet of e110 so broke the bet-limit terms. Then you tried to mislead CS by stating that was less than 30% of your bonus at the time, but of course the term means max 30% of the INITIAL BONUS you received which CS correctly told you. Going by your reasoning, you would theoretically have huge bets under bonus if you doubled up a string of wins, as long as they were 30% or less of the amount you had accrued.

They are acting correctly - voiding your bonus and returning your deposits.


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Dec 6, 2011
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Player if im corect understand he deposit - close to 270€ ? and recived bonus 200% so summary 820€ to Play ?

1.He make single bet 110€ in rulette

2. Agent say reason vioded winings is " Anna: 30% it from your confirmation Deposit"

3. In bonus rulez is write 30% of recived bonus amount not deposit ?

" Placing single bets equal to or greater than 30% from the value of the Bonus credited to the player account, prior to the wager requirement for that Bonus having been met."

4. So if player recived 200% bonus from his deposit and recived bonus amout was minimum 400€ bonus or more - then player not broke terms and conditions rulez ?

5.Table games included rullete was allowed to play with bonus with 10% wagering contribution and general rulez say no more bet then 30% of recived bonus amount .


But they have under general site rulez Betting rulez - > point 15.2 " Placing total bets equal to or greater than 30% of the value of the deposit currently in play."

So they dont allowed player bet more then 30% of deposit - this rulle is hidden deep in general terms and conditions.

1. Casino offered 200% bonus up to 2000€ - 90% Players read bonus terms and conditions not general T&C where is clear write player can bet 30% of recived bonus amount

2. In same time then have hidden deep in general terms different rule - Player allowed to bet only 30% of deposit amount NOT deposit + bonus.

- So in this case this is 2 different rule to same point . They suggest players in oficial bonus terms and conditions they can bet maximum 30% deposit + bonus when true is max allowed bet is only 30% of deposit amount ( and this secund true rule is hidden in general terms and conditions)

They already voided a lot money from this rule and still do this. Secund point is if somone deposit in this place without bonuses then usually dont read any site rulez becose in 99% casinos when we make deposit without bonus we can do everything with money included go all in per single hand in table games.

So this is how they work with players - First suggest is allowed bet 30% bonus amount when true other rule is hidden deep in general terms . Next penalize players from broke rulez . Looks like very unethical practice .

Parklane Casino - > Atlantic Casino - > Euro Moon Casino -> Osiris Casino - > Cosmik Casino -> Deuce Club Casino - this is their sister casinos .
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