Casino Word Problem

How much should John expect to get paid from this free chip?

  • $30.00 (1X the free chip)

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  • $60.00 (2X the free chip)

    Votes: 3 11.5%
  • Who the heck knows, he won't get paid anyway.

    Votes: 10 38.5%

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Aug 1, 2006
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Now who doesn't remember word problems from High School? :). You sit there and read then reread the things, sit back and try to figure out just which parts are pertinent and which parts are just fluff to throw you off then decide your path to come to your solution and submit your answer then await to receive your grade from the teacher. That is how I feel when I answer one of these online casino emails offering me a special promotion.

John (Not his real name) receives an email from a casino he hasn't played at in months. It is offering a special 222% welcome back bonus with a coupon code of WELCOMEBACK (not the real coupon name to avoid being called a spammer or whatever in here lol) and also inline with this email he is offered a $30.00 no deposit free chip included in this email just to get you started WELCOMEBACK30. Who doesn't like free money so Johnny decides to play the free chip. Now John is smart, so he thinks, and goes to the website to see what terms are connected with the free chip playthrough.

Here are the terms for this exercise.

New players are allowed to redeem only one free prior to their initial deposit.Winnings coming from this unique redimable free chip will be paid via Neteller, Firepay, PrePaid ATM or Click2Pay only.

Regular customers are entitled to claim only one courtesy free chip in between deposits made ( free chip amount as per casino discretion)

Free chips have a standard 25X playthrough required for all the allowed games.
Craps, Baccarat, Roulette or Pontoon21 will not count as per wagering requirements.

Free chip users are not eligible to wager on any of the progressive games. If a player plays any progressive game with a free chip offer, all money generated will be forfeited.

Courtesy free chips: ( not attached to any specific promotion) have a max cash out of the same amount of the free chip given (1X max cash out )

Promotional free chips: (if offered of an specific promo or bonus) max cash out will be twice the amount of the free chip given ( 2X max cash out ).

John loads up the casino redeems the free chip, plays a non progressive game turns it over passed 25X and has turned the free chip into $200.00 +, knowing there is a cap limit and that they zero out the account once you withdraw there is no real reason to continue.

John submits a withdrawal request.

Question: How much should John expect to get paid from this free chip if he followed all the terms and conditions?

1. $30.00 (1X the free chip)
2. $60.00 (2X the free chip)
3. Who the heck knows, he won't get paid anyway.

Answer given in 24 Hours :)

Feel free to reply with the reasoning bhind the answer you picked if you care to. :)
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All three responses apply.......IF.....John has made a deposit at sometime just prior to redeeming the free chip he can expect 2x,,,,if not, then he can expect to get stiffed.......he can also expect the casino to first offer 1x. Just depends on the casino's mood.
Very good thread!*********

My first thought was 1x because I thought it would be considered a coutesty chip. Then I thought, they used the word bonus. My next thought is, oh crap. Did I use a free chip last time? I cant remember! Why didnt I go back there? Where is my password? email Customer service and have them tell me the rules, copy it and decide if I want to play thru the Wr! I talk to myself all the time while trying to figure out the WR...thats why my Avatar is so appropriate for me!
Well, the answer to the little word problem is answer number one (1) once the papers were graded then regraded by a second teacher at the online casino school.

Here is how it was graded on the curve.

John put in the withdrawal request for $150.00 knowing full well he was not going to receive the full $150.00, he has played free chips other places and they just pay the chips winnings and zero out the account.

10 days go by and John thinks answer number 3 is correct so he contacts the casino via email. Teacher number one Oscar says that they have been busy (summer vacations and all ya know) but assures John they will grade the withdrawal soon.

6 more days go by making a total of 16 and John is sure that number 3 is right this time because the withdrawal now shows up as denied and wishing he would not have chosen number 2. So he writes again and asks the same question about the withdrawal. Oscar assures him it will be taken care of and that the reason it was denied is because the total value is only suppose to be $60.00 (2X).

John is relieved because he picked the right answer after all. :).

But wait, it seems they grade on the curve here.

1 more day goes by and $30.00 (1X) is approved to be paid into the neteller account. John is confused, he was sure Oscar quoted him $60.00 (2X) in the last email so he replies inline including Oscars reply and just inquires about the amount. Teacher Victoria replies that 1X is the total amount and in fact there is no Oscar working there but she would like to know who he is.

John is tired of emailing trying to fix the grade he felt he deserved so he just emails one last time to Victoria to tell her that he will not be attending any more classes at this school and wishes her luck in finding Oscar.

Long story short, all who answered were correct in some manner or another but you wise ones that picked number one (1) seemed to be more correct in the end. :).

I was going to paste all the emails in here to offer proof to the solution but it would have made this post even more lengthy lol. But just so no one thinks I am making it up and for those who say contact CS to get answers I will put Oscars and victoria's below here just so people know that sometimes the answers you get from them are not correct :). And heck, Victorie's answer on the only 2X free chip confused me since the way I read the terms it almost seemed like that one should be 1X.

Oscar's Email
Reference number: LTK8108136141X Please use this ticket number in any correspondence with us.
Subject: RE: Experience the difference
Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting us.

Please be advised that your withdrawal for the amoutn fo $150 through NETeller was held due to the fact that the $30 you received had 2X max cash out that menas that you are only allowed to withdrawal $60. I have forwarded this isssue to accountting so they can get this issue resolved ASAP. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconveneince this may have caused you. Have a great night

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.



Victoria's email

Thank you for contacting us.

I am afraid that the terms for the specific free chip offer was 1 time max cashout, which was the amount approved on your account. The 2 times max cashout rule currently only applies to the $10 welcome free chip.

Also, we do not have any operator here by the name of "Oscar". Please be so kind and let me know if he confirmed this over chat or by phone so that I can look into our records.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.


Victoria Santiago
Suzecat, you were pretty much right on with your answer :thumbsup:

frufrugirl, I always love reading your replies to posts on here lol. I really thought it would be a 2X chip because it was included via an email promotion and had the same wording as the bonus that was offered so it just seemed to fit in that catagory because in my eyes it was a special promotional chip attached to a specific promotion.
Suzecat, lol I hear you on that one, I like their streaky runs adjusting my bets and riding out the losing streaks. I play "Let Em Ride" at the RTG's because it seems to have some nice pattern streaks for me. Granted they remove the game every other day it seems then it pops back up playable for me. Like today it is gone but later it will pop back up. I have always wondered why they remove that game. I was just going to test something I noticed while playing the other day and the game is gone from three or four RTG casinos. They must be in the same group, it is so hard to tell who is related to whom these days lol.

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