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Oct 28, 2002
big thumbs down for casino webcam, I thought the other casinos were bad, this one I could never win more than 1 hand in a row
Gonna need some stats there tooquick if you're gonna call out the fdhcm.

Of this i'm sure.

I gather this is his baby.
probably not stacked, but using a 8 deck shoe gives the house a huge edge, much more than any vegas game.
There is no huge edge in blackjack which will justify a loss like yours - the only possible justification is bad luck.

For the record, most Vegas casinos use six decks, though some still use eight decks. The house edge on this is (assume worst case, stand on soft 17, no double after split) -0.005449 - or just about 1.09%.

Same scenario with eight decks - 0.007892, or about 1.58%.

By comparison, playing roulette, any bet (except for one very strange one) has an edge of 2.70% single zero (5.26% double zero).

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