Casino Webcam - Notice Any Differences?


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Apr 25, 2005
New Jersey, USA
I started playing at CasinoWebcam about 4 months ago and thought I'd died and gone to heaven. No more games played solitary isolation with computer software and robotic hands dealing the cards.

Although video streaming can cause latency problems and the technology is available for both hardware and software improvements that would further enhance the site, it's the interactivity between players and dealers - who read players' chat posts and answer them via audio feed as opposed to Dr.Ho where the dealers type their responses onto the same message board (talk about a slowing down of the game!) - as well as among players that made its attraction as much as a social event as a gambling experience.

*Thump* The sound of the other shoe (no pun intended) dropping. Almost too coincidentally, just before its companion casino Londons was opened I (and numerous other players I have communicated with) noticed a dramatic change in what I had previously thought was one of the most honest casinos around. Obviously, there's less opportunity for funny business when cards are dealt live although not shuffled before your eyes. However, all of a sudden dealers were getting tens as up cards 80% time, taking 4-5 hits and miraculously hitting 20 and 21 with incredible frequency and players card combinations became less and less favorable so that over at least the last month and a half, it's been virtually impossible to win at either Casino.

I wondering if others have had the same experience. I was beginning to think that a need to raise capital might be the reason since even though the cost of what is just another portal (the same dealers work in both Casinos, based in Costa Rica) is marginal you still need a House size bankroll to start any casino. Still, the experience was shared by so many I know, many of whom no longer patronize either Casino that it had to be more than coincidence.

Has anyone else whose been to these casinos recently noticed a dramatic increase in the winning percentage of the House?
well, I dont know about the winning percentage but one thing is for sure: The WR of their bonus offers turned insane : I just recieved an 10% bonus offer up to 300 $ that comes with 35x d+b . Thats 385times the bonus amount !! ridiculous!
Sadly to say, I must agree with the thread. I played at London's casino, accepting a 100% offer up to $150. I busted about half way through the wagering requirements, flat-betting $5 per hand. My gut feeling is to avoid this group.
I play BJ at Webcam quite a bit off and on. (You can see me under the name "Dom" )

I think their new software is a huge improvement. I get results much the same as I get in Vegas.

They have a number of sister casinos already, and London isn't going to change anything there.

I think you just had a bad run....
I played there in February and March this year and finished up $1000 and $200 respectively. I was betting $50-$150 on blackjack. I was pretty surprised to have a few decent sessions even although the dealer made quite a few stiff hands, i(making 21s with 15s and 16s) its pretty much part of the game of Blackjack. I'm pretty cautious of live games because it may look fair but you just never know when money is involved. I do count cards when playing blackjack so that I am getting a slight edge or evening up the odds a little if the casino is cheating.

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