Casino webcam makes wager speed too slow


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May 8, 2005
I like Casino Webcam, insures that they arent rigged.

however, I die of old age before the cards are dealt, I know thats the price you have to pay when you get it dealt live on webcam, but when you choose the non webcam version I believe it should go faster.

I got a special bonus, where I had to wager 5000$ I 15 mins I had wagered 60$
that was without webcam. THis means it would take me 20,8 Hours to complete the wager.

When does casinos realize that speed is everything?
Live play, of course , is a lot slower. It is always in the casino's best interest for you to play faster. All the games are negative expectation, so the faster you play, the faster you get into the 'long run', the faster you lose your money, the more money they make that day. Faster play is better for the casino.
web cam

i find it hard to believe that these games are actually live..i like to play would be very easy to rig this "live" game
I heard someone say before that they can cheat at roulette by using a magentic. I had a problem when the dealer put her hands in the roulette thing and the ball was jumping. I was not too happy with that.

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