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Oct 26, 2001
Any one know the deal on this casino? They use live bj dealers here and play through about 4 decks! That is more than intercasino and u can see what you are being dealt. This may be exactly what I am looking for. THis is probably the closest I will ever get online to a land based one.Oh they use 8 decks.50% playthrough sounds pretty good to me.I believe club dice uses live bj dealers now too. No more rng's yeah!!!
jyde said:
Is this a complaint??
Nope was just trying to get the lowdown on this place. Now that I have played there I don't really like it. Notsaying they cheat before anyone says thnotbitch again! lol the live bj table is pretty cool for the matter, but there is only one and is 5 a hand which to some may be chump change, but to me is not. Oh yeah one more reason which is one of my biggest bitches is the speed. It's very slow moving game for they wait the 30 secs with other people to make sure all bets are in.
I have played at that casino before but once the roullete didn't pay me properly.The dozen payed me 1 to 1 not 2 to 1.It was only $5 and I couldn't be bother emailing the casino etc.I just simply chose to never patronize them again :p

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