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Oct 28, 2002
I tried out the new casino web cam yesterday, I thought it was cool until I realized that they let play money players play at the same table that real money players do. For BJ this is a very bad situation, there were people splitting 10's all over the place and hitting when they were not supposed to. When you have someone at the table that is not playing for money they don't give a rats ass if they make a stupid move. Anyone knows that at a real blackjack table when someone does this it screws everything up for everyone else. That is complete B.S. Until they change this I would suggest avoiding this place at least for BJ.
Technically, it makes zero difference, since you have no idea what cards are coming up.

However, personally that pisses the crap out of me as well. I'm sure this will be resolved shortly.
if it was a random game like a computer genreated one it would not make a difference. But since the cards are drawn from a shoe with a certain # of cards it does make a difference. When you have John Dumbass splitting 10's against a 10 up card and he takes the card that would make you a good hand becasue he doesn't know jack about blackjack I feel like coming through the computer and putting my foot strait up his ass.
Really, it makes no difference. How are you to know that John Dumbass isn't drawing all the remaining crappy cards out of the deck?

The only time it would make a difference is if there was one card remaining and the deck, and you knew what it was. Or more if they all have the same value, in which case it would make absolutely no difference anyhow.
No, I don't think so. Certainly not Dr. Ho's operation; I would think that "for free" players at a table with a live dealer just take up space without generating well as annoy high rollers.
they were definitely for free players. If you go in there and register and play with the free money you can sit down with exactly the same dealer. There were people betting $500 a hand a splitting 10's against 10's, so I would say that any 'real' money player would never be so stupid.
It does actually make a difference. I see it all the time at land based operations. Statistically over a run of 1000's of hands it makes no difference if other people are playing bad and you are playing perfect. But most people that gamble believe in luck and every one of us is probably a little supersticous about the way the cards run. If nothing else having someone like that at your table is just plain bad luck. Anyone making those type of moves at a land based casino is going to have the whole table pissed off at them and they would probably be asked to leave.
Technically, I said LOL.

Does it affect mood? Totally. I am one of those who bitches loudest when the idiot at third base hits 12 against dealer's 6.

As far as being asked to leave, though, most land based casinos DON'T do that. Trust me on that one!

For just that reason, these days I generally don't play unless I get to sit at third base.
Hey, change of topic, but what's this bullshit I'm reading about you claiming I'm deleting posts here?

What was deleted besides some bullshit spam, Rainfall?
Why don't you do something about the HEUTV code crown vegas is f'ing dozens of people over on huh?

Can i send them all over here to post they got screwed? Will you still be in cahoots with your beloved crown vegas?
Admin note: any references to Crown Vegas complaints or me deleting posts can be made in the topic sections that have been set up in "Online Casino Complaints.

Let's stay on topic here stating how lousy players suck.
casino webcam has corrected this problem and has started segragating their real money players and the play money players.

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